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    Why fathers never express their feelings?

    We just celebrated International fathers day on 21st June and wish our father and others "Happy fathers day." A day to celebrate and honor the macho-man or superhero of every child. It is only seen that we all love our fathers but we never get a reciprocating response from him. Why is it that fathers find it difficult to express their feelings to their children and especially their sons?

    A father is believed to be gallant, reinforced, and a silent moiler who carries the weight of the family upon his shoulders like a donkey. He is loving but never expressive, he provides without complaint, he protects without praise, he watches without knowledge of others, he cares without expectation, etc but we will never see him say a word. A person who was the hero of his child slowly becomes hard, rude, orthodox, commanding, outdated and even a question to mothers as to what made her choose him? It is only in the later stage of life or after completing our college life that we realize the core strength or value of the so-called iron man of our family.

    Let me ask everyone who is reading this post to take time with your grandparents or mother and find out about your father before his marriage or in his childhood. You would find a completely different story and some of you are already a father and you know it better. After knowing more about your father just comment 3 most loving qualities of your father. Let me also take this opportunity to wish every father a belated "Happy fathers day"

    (My 2nd entry for the ISC 13th Birthday Special - A thread a day challenge )
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    For me father was equal to God .I always regret that "My God died young". . Actually he died at the age of seventy plus only. But I did not get more years to be with him after I started earning. My father was a self made man, shouldering responsibility of his family at an early age of eighteen when his father died. He had nobody to guide him or support him. But many sought his support and help always. My father was a broad minded man and very magnanimous. This was exploited by many and some even cheated him hard. But he did not take revenge but was kind to them. He had to face financial problems most of which were not his creation, and beyond his control. But he was adamant on educating his children. He used to tell me that "Education is capital to the poor and interest to the rich". There was a big age difference between me and my father.
    As one who understood his inner side more and witnessed how he struggled to ensure that we all had our three meals without any problem even by borrowing to the neck, I wanted to earn as early as possible and to be of a support to him. Hence I consciously stopped after graduation and took up a job. But I got only three years to serve him sending my own earnings. But even from my ninth class I was earning something by giving tuitions. As I spent my primary school years at my maternal rand parents home, i reality I got only about ten or twelve years with my father and within that I feel I could understand him. I have the satisfaction that I did not misuse or waste even a paisa of my father and made him proud of me by people complimenting me, being a top grade student and joining a good job without wasting time. So I feel 'My God died young", but feel that he will be blessing from heavens.

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    My father was an affectionate person but he gave much value to the work and discipline and as he was a very sincere and hard working person he did not like any laxity for work from our side. Even after his retirement he took some small job and did it for next 20-22 years comfortably. He believed in the theory that a person should not sit idle as that rusts him. He could achieve a lot in his life though he was having a small job but after retirement he earned good money through self employment and had made our lives pleasant and full of facilities when he was in his sixties. He is no more but his ways often guide me in my life whenever I feel perturbed or confused as what to do in a particular situation.
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    A fun-loving, caring father was always on the clock. He was very strict with timings whether it is reaching a place or my attendance at school. He never ever bothered to look at my marks. This gave me the instinct to improve my scores.

    He always cared about my health rather than wealth. He taught me to manage life with wisdom. Hard-earned money has more value than leading life from ancestral properties.

    I am learnt to do my work independently from a very tender age. He was just a backbone to support me to lead the way from the darkness towards the brightness of life.

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    My father is very health, conscious person. He takes care of the health of all family members. He taught us how to take care of our health. He spends money as needed. Not a single rupee less or a single rupee more. he never does waste expenses. He never goes for loans. He is very content with what he has. He always tries to save a little money so that it will come in handy when there are emergencies. He says that we should inculcate the habit of savings.
    He never spends money on his comforts but he will spend his last paise also for the comfort of us. He is a very disciplined person and he brought us up in that way only. Even today I never talk against him and I never argue with him.
    On this father's day, I wrote a poem in Telugu and send it to him through my mother's cell phone. My father never uses a cell phone. He read and it talked to me over the phone. He expressed his happiness for the poem and he appreciated me for the way I have written that poem.

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    My father is a very disciplined person and he never tolerates indiscipline in the home. He became a model for us in that aspect. Next, he never wastes money for unnecessary things and tries to save money by reducing his own expenses. He always encourages savings habits in us and he never used to go for loans. Whenever the children are down with any issue he always tried to motivate us and fill us more confidence. Thus I see a great personality in my father.

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    I loved my father but lost him when I was in my VIth std. He was very strict but loved me a lot. I was afraid of him and would not go to him if mom is not beside me. He never touched me and provided everything that I wanted but maybe his rough nature made me think that he is harsh. Now, when I think, I wish, it would have been better if he was with us.
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