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    Meditation is absolute stableness

    Many of us try to catch sight of peace in the outer world. Some of us visit retreats and familiarize oneself with meditation. Others prefer to learn the art from spiritual gurus. Whenever we take our time off and visit such centres, we feel good. It is because we not only take our time off but also take our mind off from daily struggle and from the issues which annoy us in our day to day lives.
    To receive the full benefit of meditation, we must practice it every day. It calms our mind and relaxes our body. Occasional practise is of not much use. Meditation brings stability of mind. It is of little use if we meditate only for a few minutes in the morning and for the rest of the day, we follow the same pattern of keeping our mind disturbed in various issues.

    Carry out the meditation the entire day. Do not assume that sitting with eyes closed for 10 minutes is meditation. During meditation hours, learn the art to calm the mind and then practice it the entire day. That kind of stability should be practised throughout the day and not just for a few minutes in a day. Meditation is complete stability. Why crave for such calmness only for few minutes in a day when we can bless ourselves with that kind of enchanting power throughout our lives?

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    In this fast-paced world, our mind is ticking even faster that we just forget to take a pause. It is very essential to bring in complete stability of mind that will help us to focus and give better output but we are surrounded by commotions of the world be it studies, work, family and other issues like friendship, love, finance, health that we are disturbed and get stressed. We often try to run from it or take time and do meditation, join yoga, attend retreats or even use music to calm our mind but it actually works for a little while as our mind starts wondering in a few seconds. We need to practice meditation every day to calms our mind and relaxes our body and get the full benefit of it.

    As we don't have time, we can start with allotting just 10 minutes for a week and slowly increase it to 15 minutes and 30 min, 45 min upto an hour. The slow change will certainly help to get used to it and keeping the calmness and focus will help our mind from pondering and relax. It is not as easy as written but it can be achieved with regular practice and can gain a lot. A calm mind open doors to creativity, positivity and interest in everything we are doing.

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    Meditation is an important element which has to be given preference. Students are encouraged to Medicare for two to three minutes every day in the morning. This helps in improving the concentration levels in children and keep the respiratory system intact, if practiced regularly.
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    The main purpose of meditation is to tame our mind. It helps us in concentration and focus. If done in a correct and systematic way meditation has a healing effect on our bodies. Our saints and great ancestors knew as how to use meditation for a peaceful life. They even considered it a method to purify our souls. Generally, meditation is to be done for some time preferably in the morning but in this thread the author has given a good idea of observing meditation throughout the day which means that we have to meditate along with our work. It could be a way to keep a control on our feelings and anxieties during the work hours. We have to try it to see its results.

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    It is because of the stability and steadiness in deep meditation that minds become calm and focused.
    It is known as Dhyanam. Due to focus and concentration there is no distraction. Hence there is no energy wastage and loss. So body uses only the most optimal energy. It relaxes all the other parts and concentrates on only the essentials.
    As we are behind brands and marketing, we nowadays get our century's old wisdom re-branded, re-packed and high-priced. But we are happy to buy it.

    It is just as 'buying branded ghee when you have homemade butter at hand'.

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    What I feel is this. We need not to spare to spend time for meditation. We need not sit and meditate. As it is, we are meditating every day by getting into sleep for six to eight hours. If one can get into sound sleep, no meditation is required. Closing eyes for few minutes and concentrating on one thing is really a tough task, especially in the present environment in which we live. Forget about meditation, and think about sound sleep, first.
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    @ SuN
    We can only enjoy sound and quality sleep if our mind is relaxed and calm. If we are stressed, we may have to make efforts to fall asleep. Thus, meditation will relax us and calm down our mind. It, in turn, will yield us high-quality sleep, and when we sleep well, our mind remains peaceful. It is like a never-ending cycle.

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    People who work hard both physically and mentally will get into sleep as they rest on their beds. It is for those who don't take the pain and work hard both physically and mentally would require some meditation to get into a peaceful sleep. Otherwise, an ordinary human being need not think about meditation for any reason. Our ancestors worked hard and never meditated. Meditation is only for those who don't work. It is for Sadhus and Sanyasis who don't work.

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    Meditation is a process to get a stable mind. The more time you do meditation you will have a stable mind of longer times. It will be useful to have a peaceful mind and focus on the job to be carried out. Generally, our mind will be thinking something or other always. When we are working on some issue, the mind will be working on other issues. To avoid such instances and have a concentration on the work we do meditation is a good tool. Many people are trying this meditation these days. In olden days many saints were doing this meditation and concentrating on the prayers. That concentration power is giving them many special powers and they are able to overcome all worldly desires.
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    When we go for the meditation, it must take us to the transcendental stage, where in we forget the whole stress, whole hard work, and we try to connect our heart with the outer world where there is abundant peace and stable mind and no panic , disturbance or distractions. That is why when we go for the meditation moments, we should stay put in the closed room away from the noise of the world, noise of the people and the place should be silent enough to connect us with the eternal world. And those who done the meditation would experience the great feeling of being stable in the life with no aggressive mood in them.
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    Srinivasa Rao
    You all talk positively about meditation in this thread. Can you tell me 'When did you meditate last?

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    Our ancestors meditated, and that is why they enjoyed a peaceful, stress-free life. Work or no work is in no way related to sleeping well. People who work very hard throughout the day may also struggle to sleep. That is because of too much stress lingering in their minds.

    I meditate daily. I have not reached that stage where I can transform the stableness achieved through meditation into the whole day. I am trying for it.

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    I appreciate it if you really meditate daily. Three decades ago, I went to Vivekananda Rock in Kanyakumari. There is a special hall to meditate. I went inside that calm and peaceful room. I sat; closed my eyes; spent a few minutes thinking about Vivekananda. When I came out, I could feel the same that I felt before entering the meditation hall. No change.

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    My post is about the same thing. What we achieve during the meditation session should be passed on to the entire day. We need practice for that. Many people complain that we are not able to do that. However, it only comes with practice.

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    It is not necessary that if I talk about meditation as a good thing then I meditate also. There are hundreds of good things strewn across in this world and I praise them does not mean that I practice them. I may realise and accept that drinking is a bad habit but still I might be a regular drinker. There are people who say that honesty is the best policy but do not follow that doctrine. Praising anything does not give us a permission to tell a lie that we do it. Very few people in this world have good habits and most of us have vices only but we praise a large number of things time to time as they impress us much.
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    Before you appreciate something, you should have experienced that thing in your life. Whatever we hear or read may not be true. If someone says Pizza is good, you can't say pizza is good without tasting it. Here we are discussing meditation whether it is good or bad, effective or ineffective. Certainly, one should have had the experience before writing that meditation is good and it helps.

    It would be better if we refrain from responding to such threads, if we have not experienced it.

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    Every morning I do Sandhyavandanam for fifteen minutes which is nothing but pranayamam and Gayatri Japam or otherwise called part of meditation program.
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