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    Let us not differentiate. Let the disabled be abled and differently abled be specially abled.*

    Dear All,
    God is partial in his creative work. He created males, females, transgenders. Among them, he has created a few with some defects in look. Initially, We human beings termed them as 'Physically Handicapped". But we found that the Physically Handicapped persons perform better than normal human beings. They do extraordinary things that normal defectless human beings could not do. Later we realized and started using the term "Physically challenged". Thereafter, we started using the word "Disabled".

    I would say that the Disabled are the Specially Abled who stand equal to all the able persons despite their physical defects. They can be termed as "Specially abled"

    Dear members,
    From now onwards, stop using the word 'Disabled' and start using the word 'Specially Abled'

    This is my 2/15 (2nd July 2020) entry for the "ISC 13th Birthday contest"
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    The writer is very true in his observation by mentioned that physically handicapped persons perform better than normal human beings. When I was in school, we had a fundraising musical concert organised by the so-called Physically Handicapped people. Some were dumb, some blind, some deaf, some could not walk, etc. The way they performed, not only I but everyone who attended the show were stunted in the way they performed. Some played the instruments very well, some sang like professional and their coordination was mind-blowing. Many of us wondered as from where can we tell that they are physically handicapped people? They do extraordinary things that normal defectless human beings could not do. They all are blessed with a quality that we normal people lack and that is determination to conquer the world. As it is said, better late than never and started using the word "Specially abled" instead of using the term "Physically challenged". Let us try our best to make them feel blessed and treat them with respect for they want to be seen as one among us than showing our sympathy.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    There is already an accepted term 'differently abled ', which is a reasonable and rational one.
    Allowing these people to be as they are is what is actually needed. Sometimes over empathetic, over sympathetic, over pampering etc will only make the discrimination or differentiation felt more. They need certain infrastructural support that is all. Then they should be given opportunities.
    While in job, in one of our offices, the telephone operators were both visually disabled. But they were reaching from about 50 kms far commuting daily by the ironically crowded Mumbai local trains. They have their special sticks and were easily navigating through the crowed on platform and on roads. We should be a little accommodative and supportive. That is only what they need.

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    Disabled word is not in use in now. Differently-abled is in use.
    Housewife makes the dishes very tasty. But sometimes when she is not in a good mood, she may forget adding salt or may add something more. In the same way, our creator when he is out of the mood, he will create such persons. He will forget giving some things but add another thing more. That is why these differently-abled persons will perform much better than normal persons.
    My sister is a deaf and dumb girl. But she will understand what we are talking just by observing our lip movement. She conveys the same thing very fast to another deaf girl with her signals. Her mind works very fast than many normal persons.

    always confident

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    One news was shown on the television related to the SSLC exams where in the student write with his leg. We should be proud of those who use their innovative ideas to reach the heights in accordance with the physically able people.
    Lead the leader

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