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    Never judge a person by appearance

    Many times people judge the person by observing their appearance, But many times it will be misleading.

    A cover of the book may be very beautiful to see. But when you see the subject inside it may not be impressive or it may not be adequate for your need. So we should not judge the value of the book. But by going the foreword and the views expressed by other readers and some pages here and there, we can get a correct opinion about that book.

    We all know that all that glitters is not gold. It may be a material with a gold coating. It may be some other material which is in gold colour.

    The appearance will never be the correct standard for judging a person. A person who talks politely and humbly may be cruel at his heart. A person who talks harshly may be soft at his heart. So we should judge a person after observing him for some time in various situations. So made judgement only will be a correct judgement.

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    It is said they whatever that glitters is not gold. The appearances can be highly deceptive. We should be very careful on that account. This world is full of such people who appear something but their real face comes out soon when someone starts probing them deeply. These type of people are very dangerous for the society as they would cheat anyone with their apparent behaviour. So, we should not judge a person based on his outward expressions and talks as that could be very misleading and we may fall in the planned trap which that person is crafting for us.
    Knowledge is power.

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    You are right. Judging a person by appearance often deceives. What a person looks on his face may not be reflecting in his action. He may be speaking one thing but craving for something different in his heart. Such people are destructive for society when they conceal reality or hide the facts and don't speak their heart out honestly. Taking a person on his face value could be , at times, troublesome. It may hinder the prosperity and success of an individual or society. People need to be cautious while working with different people on different occasions. There may be another category of people who could look harsh and speak arrogantly but their hearts will be pure and crystal clear in intentions like honey! It is better to embrace such people than those who look gentle with their face but are cruel at heart! Judging people is a difficult exercise, so, take all the precautions from getting into an awkward situation while dealing with people.

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    Yes, you are right, sir. A book should not be judged by its cover, and a person should not be judged by his or her appearance. I have seen several scholars who are very modest and down to earth, and several rich people who do not exhibit their wealth and continue to live a frugal life. There was one person in my hometown who was a very rich businessman but still drove a Maruti 800. On the other side of the coin, there are several harmful people around us who wear the masks of kindness and amity. If we fail to explore or discover the real nature of such persons, we cam easily fall prey to their mischievous actions. It is therefore quintessential not to be judgemental about any person, and take him or her for granted as good or bad. A deep study of character is always required to safeguard oneself from the villainous peoples around him or her.
    Poulami Bakshi

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    It is true that we should not judge a person by his look. I have the experience to narrate. Once I was a boss. I had many trees to cut in my compound. I called for a tender to accomplish the task. One old man in Dhothi and a dirty shirt came to my office and offered his tender. His tender being the lowest I offered him the job to perform. One day, he invited me home. Initially, I hesitated, but I agreed to visit someday. One day, unexpectedly I visited his village to see a Bungalow which he called it his hut. I really wondered about his asset and his simplicity. He complimented me saying, " Sir, you are very honest, fair and straight forward in your dealings. I like you, Sir". What else to say.
    No life without Sun

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    There is a quote which goes, " Do not judge me by my skin colour, my hair colour, my body size and my outer beauty. If you do, you will miss entirely me." The quote stands very true as it is not in the appearance of a person that gives us the content of a person. It is generally seen that the softest person is the deadliest and the rudest person is the most caring. As the food cannot be judged by its appearance but only by tasting, in the same way, we should not judge a person only by looking at his/her outer appearance for it is just what shows but the real beauty of a person lies in him/her. When you gel or get close to a strict or strong person, you will realise that he is very soft, down to earth, caring, friendly, supportive and a kind-hearted person. He/she is entirely a different person from what their appearance and that is what makes them a genuine person. Let us take time to understand a person before passing our judgement just by his looks or appearance and judge a person after observing him for some time in various situations.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    'Appearances are deceptive' has been rightly quoted. Just by glancing at a person and drawing a perspective or a frame of mind for him is neither correct not appreciable. Sometimes a beautiful face can be a dangerous dagger piercing you from within or on your back.
    The society many-a-times become judgemental for a person appearing novice. As soon as a new person enters a job, a profession or even a society; people start judging him on the basis of his looks, his personality and even sometimes his attitude.
    An introvert person is mostly misjudged by the people as an egoist, a fashion and beauty conscious person is misinterpreted as a mischievous or over showing and even sometimes vulgar.
    The people here forget to know about his standard, his qualifications and most importantly his behaviour towards the needy, the poor, the disabled and the old.
    This Pre- determination of a person arises out of extreme availability of free time or a non- creative mind which usually gets deposited by filth, dirt and rusted thoughts. One should mend it by indulging oneself in creative work. may it be a recipe cooking in kitchen for housewives or a practical approach towards an idea in a profession.
    When this will happen the thought of misjudging people by appearances will reduce as wider working area within the people will be created.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    I agree with the author that appearance should never be the basis of judgement. If we do so, it is obvious that we may be deceived at some point. The author has rightly described that everything that glitters need not be gold. Proper evaluation or close assessment with time can only determine the true value of a person or any object. It is pointless to come to a sudden conclusion. Wait and watch approach should be adopted.

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    It is true. There is a relevant saying ''Don't judge a book by its cover'. We all have learned the proverb" All that glitters is not Gold'. We also know that 'Calm is the water where the brook is deep". So our wise ancestors have provided us enough guidance to judge something only after due details and evaluation.

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