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    Life is just like driving

    Generally, driving word is used for plying vehicle only. But in deep sense, driving means to motivate. In simple way our life is just like driving. We can compare our life from driving. As good driver always choose good path to cover their destination likewise good man choose peaceful path to spent their life using love, respect, kind, honesty, humanity etc. In today's world where crime is everywhere. In such situation, it is very difficult to be prove good driver. In today's society if people try to choose peaceful path then those kind of people being crushed in hand of cruel society. It is often time seen that innocent people have to be cruel for their right. Day-by-day, our society is going to be corrupt society. so, it is dream to be proved good driver in path of peaceful life.

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    It is true that the driver chooses a careful path for a peaceful life but if everyone follows the same then who will raise the voice against the evil practices in the society?

    It is just like a horse in the race ground, galloping straight to reach its goal. We should not drive blindfolded, just to make ourselves a good driver. A good driver drives the vehicle fast in meeting the requirements of society.
    Self-motivation helps to solve most of the situations in life.

    Lead the leader

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    A good driver would reach his destination safely. He would choose a correct path and also take all proper safety and operating measures for completing his journey. Likewise a hard working person can meet the challenges in his life and would succeed.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Life is a journey on a vehicle and we are the drivers of our life. A driver who is having a better understanding of driving will take you safely to the destination. He knows where to go fast, where to go slow and where to apply a break. He knows and follows all the rules. In a similar fashion, we also should drive our life in a safe manner and see that we will have a peaceful life. If we know the rules of life and if we follow them without fail we will have a peaceful life. If we don't care for those we may have to face the difficulties.
    always confident

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