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    Lazy people would make all sort of excuses

    Laziness is the biggest retarding factor in our lives and it closes all the doors of success and prosperity for us. It is an unwanted trait but some people have it and suffer in their lives at least at some point of time. One thing which is very peculiar about the lazy persons is that they are experts in raising all sort of excuses when you ask them to do a work or enquire why they had not done the designated job given to them. They would come out with very intelligent types of excuses which would be difficult to be ignore or dismissed by others. It seems that these habits are formed from the early childhood when parents pamper the children much. What is your take on that? Have you any experience of tackling with lazy people?

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    I do agree with the author that lazy people would take immense help of excuses and try not to do their work and also does not allow to do their work. If we are amid such people even our performance would go bad to worse. We all went to a marriage few months back and it was early morning Muhurat and every one need to get ready by 5 am and was insisting every family member to go for sleep early the previous day so that they can manage to wake up at wee hours and get ready. But the ladies would not listen and they kept on talking and chatting up to 12 am and then went for the sleep. Surely when I started them waking up 4 am no one was interested and those who understood the importance of the time did wake up and others completely missed the proceedings of marriage and thus their visit gone waste.
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    Laziness will be a curse for us. We can't achieve anything in our lives if we are lazy and avoid working. We can search for excuses for not working properly because of laziness but how can we compensate for the loss that we got because of the laziness? One thing we should understand is that we are working for our benefit only but not for others. We may convince others by telling some lies but how can we convince our inner self. Once again this habit also will develop from our childhood itself and when we start developing this we should try and come out of that habit. That will be good for the individual.
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    Lazy people are caged in their own imagination, always thinking of the impossible stuff which pushes them to stay back. They are without any practical approach in their attitudes and never look at things positively. Water instead of blood seems circulating into their veins. Lazy attitudes are problematic and must be addressed to overcome such behaviour.

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    Laziness is in everyone but how we tackle it is what matters. When we were a child, we would make excuses to avoid going to school, tuition, drinking milk, tidying things or helping our siblings. The same laziness gets carried but with corrective action by our parents, we become more responsible and active but a bit still remains in us and that can be seen during our off days.

    The other side of laziness was quoted by Bill gates, "I always choose a lazy person to do a difficult task /job for he will find an easy way to do it." Don't you think it stands true as the lazy person would like to get the job done in an easy and quick tick so that the remaining time, he can enjoy or sleep? This is not a good way but through his/her action, he creates an easy step to get the difficult task done in the most appropriate and easy way that saves time, energy and manpower.

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    I agree with the author that lazy people can make all sorts of excuses for not getting work done. Some of such excuses can irritate us. Other excuses may burst us into laughter. Well, laziness is a trait, and not everybody has it. For not getting work done, these lazy people get creative. They always try to come up with excuses to convince others, and thereby they escape easily.

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    Young children should be active and attend all the chores of life. Few try to evade from the works suggested thus hampering their mental as well as physical growth. Home is first learning place as children see, feel and touch through the love and affection of parents.
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    Lazy people will justify or spend one hour telling excuses when it takes just ten miniutes to complete the task.

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    Once laziness sets in one's life it is very difficult to get rid of that vice as the body becomes habitual of comforts and easiness of life.
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    It is a fact of life and we observe in this world that active and smart people rule the world and gain leadership everywhere. Lazy people would be sleeping in their den only to irritate on those who come and ask them to get up and do work. That is the way of lazy people.
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