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    Middlemen : Termites for the nation

    From the highest to the lowest posts in the nation, everybody works hard to earn his daily wages. In order to get a satisfied belly in morning and evening a person strives hard and pursue all the work, taking huge pains, till his body exhausts. And this process continues throughout the year. The year long hardwork of a person results for him some petty savings. After saving for many years, he wishes to purchase a home. I am quoting here just an example of home, although the condition equally applies for all the benefits a common man wants to take including a plot, own a shop, opening a mall or showroom, admitting his children to sports academies, want for a good coaching or any educational institute to ensure the child's career etc.
    Once he decides to pursue a thing, here comes the middleman. He disguises himself as a godly figure sent from heaven to help the common man; and the common man easily trusts him. He then takes benefit from both the seller and the common man and himself earns a huge profit by making the common man suffer.
    Now, let's come to other areas. The money sent for the privilege of poor people or any scheme made for them doesn't reach them in proper ways. Out of the total poor population, only 5% of the poor are benefitted by those schemes. rest are either unaware or are victims of the middleman who not only take the complete benefit of that but also impose heavy charges on the poor in order to work in the favor of them.
    These middlemen have become termites for the nation and are slowly gulping the country from within and the people are still ignorant of this fact. How can we get rid of such a system and the middlemen?

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    The author has raised a good thread during this thread a day contest and it is the matter to ponder over the existence of middle men especially from the ruling parties who are engaged to get their benefit and the beneficiary only gets the pittance. Once Rajiv Gandhi was asked about the same question as to why the poor were not getting the benefits 100 percent and he said that out of 1 rupee given by the govt to the poor, only 14 paisa reaches the beneficiary and remaining 84 paisa being eaten by officers and middlemen down the line of disbursement and this system has to be changed.
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    K. Mohan sir,
    You have posted a very good point by narrating the answer provided by Rajeev Gandhi sir. The answer was true and exact.
    But do you think even after so many decades from the day answer was given by Rajeev Gandhi sir, any change has come in our system?
    Do you think the status of poor, rich or the middlemen has changed ?

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    Monika Kushwaha

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    In every field, we see these people. Middlemen will make a lot of money. A farmer will grow the crop and sell it to a middle man for a small price. This middle man will sell after some time the material at a higher price. This is a real big issue. How to avoid them is not known. This problem is very high in the real estate field.
    Even in getting our works done with the government departments also we will have these middle man. He knows how to get the work done easily. He knows how much is to be spent and where it is to be spent. That is why many people go to the middleman for their works.
    The middleman is responsible for the price hike. They have to get their due. So the original sellers will enhance the rares so that they can give the required money to the middleman. I don't know how can we eliminate these middlemen in various transactions.

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    In a simple one word, we can call it as 'Corruption'. Anything which is not right and legal is called 'corruption'. In our country, and also in many countries, corruption is a deep-rooted tree that cannot be uprooted easily. All including the innocents helped the tree to grow which is very difficult to stop its growth. Surely, it is like a termite, and the middlemen are playing the role of the termites. Even a temple poojari stands between the God and a devotee, and eats away the earning of the devotee. What else can be said more than this!
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    This is a very interesting discussion topic and it is really a fact in our country that many things are simply swallowed by the middlemen and they never reach the real beneficiary. This is known fact but the challenge is how to eradicate this corruption. There are a large number of people who are involved and the money thus stolen goes to many levels in the system. Once a system gets corrupt it is not easy to repair or reform it as so many people would be against those reforms. It is not impossible to reform but it is a tedious and herculean exercise and if it is really done sincerely then we might find some of our family members, friends, neighbours, acquaints etc to get affected. In some countries they have evolved some stringent punishments for corruption and in their system due to fear psychosis corruption is minimal. Hoe can we adopt that here is the challenge.
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    Dr. Srinivasa,
    Sir, you have pointed out a very important point saying that middlemen is responsible for the price hike.
    Would you mind elaborating the point how much hike can the middlemen bring in the system.

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    Monika Kushwaha

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    Your example of priest standing in between God and devotee is absolutely linked here, but don't you think that sometimes we are also responsible for bringing the priest in between us and God?
    Umesh sir,
    You always come out with extremely enhanced points which are worthy of the topic discussed. Are you agreeing with the fact that our system is becoming corrupted day by day?

    My another question from you all is that, if we want to eradicate this middlemen system we should start from the high level middlemen or from the lower level?

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    Even after having online registration or facilities, we need to take the help of middleman to get things done in a short time. It is not only in government offices or hospitals but in schools, colleges, banks, religious places, etc. The role of middle man cannot te told as they have a link which cannot be easily identified but is seen in the way the work gets done. If you want to make use of any new schemes or get any documents from any office, you may have to visit the office some 4-5 time but if you pay the middleman, the work gets done in 1-2 rounds without much effort. The middleman has access to everyone in the office and knows every detail about the officer, forms, table, signature required, etc and gets every update of the application which makes it easy for them. Here, when we don't have time to run behind such things, we also think of short-cut and would prefer middleman to get the work done at the earliest. The scenario is the same from years and nothing changed even after the new government took charge. Let us hope that one day, we would be able to make everything digital and accessive to the common man that it becomes transparent and the benefits reach the common man without the interference of the so-called middleman.
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    Are you trying to portray the fact that the system itself has created middlemen for its benefit?
    As you said that the middlemen have links with the help of which the work is done quickly, by this you pointed that they have close relations with the person ultimately responsible for the finalization of work that means that the system has appointed him?

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    We can see how termites are eating the yield in a day which the farmer struggle to gain from three to four months. Similarly, middlemen are the bloodsuckers of the farmers. Farmers cannot move to the markets to sell their produces as a lot of time is involved and these people do not give them a platform too.
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    For smooth conduct of business middlemen are also needed. However when they turn greedy and exploit the vulnerability of the other two ends then they becomes blood suckers.
    In most business the middlemen commission is fixed. They receive that specified percentage from both ends. This is going well and in a systematic fashion all these decades and centuries.

    The clutches of greedy middlemen has more deleterious effect to agriculturists. However understanding this most states have direct or regulated markets -Agricultural producers markets where there are no middlemen. However this is not sufficient and not all farmers are able to get its benefit too. Moreover many agricultural products are easily perishable and so vulnerable to price fluctuation and loss. So the farmers are subject to more exploitation like distress selling etc. There is need for more all-weather storage godowns and refrigerated godowns.
    However no not the middlemen, but the big monopoly monolith multinational corporations are the real issue. They are in effect price predators. There need be more checks.

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    If the middlemen are even employed by government in order to take care of the farmers, the corrupt system of middlemen may finish and the extent of their exploitation might be finished completely.
    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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