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    Health conscious future generation is the best outcome of this pandemic

    Sometimes God and nature gives us best solutions from worst situations. In various regional books it is mentioned that God gives us difficulties, so that we can come up more stronger after fighting to the troubles.

    Today the whole world is facing difficult situations due to corona pandemic. But I believe that this situation is also having brighter side to it.

    Here are some of the positives I observed.
    1. We have learned many safety and sanitation measures due avoid the infection.
    2. Even the kids are now come over their junk food habits. Everyone is enjoying homemade healthy food.
    3. Most of the people have learned to do regular breathing exercises or pranayam.
    4. People have become more health conscious and hygiene conscious.

    And last but not the least, people have learned to care for each other and family bondings.

    These are my observations. Can you also please share your observations about how this worst situation is coming up to best results?

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    Children have become conscious of eating healthy food suggesting that "we should eat all vegetables and fruits". Drinking like warm water was never visible in children, now they would like to drink as it has turned into a habit.

    Some of the spices were rarely in the menu ingredients but today it is used every day in our dishes. Junk food is lost its value.

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    This pandemic has brought a paradigm shift in our lives. Children, adults and aged all are affected by this and have become much alert and cautious about the hygiene and health issues. They all are now talking about the immune system and resistance of body for illness. Yes, it is so evident there.
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    True. People who never cared for washing their feet after coming home from a long walk they have undertaken. But the same people now are even changing their clothes after coming home after finishing their works. Many young people are not even touching the newspaper. Seachange in their perception and behaviour. They are not even drinking tea outside forget about eating out. Like this, there are many changes in their behaviour. It is a positive sign and let us hope that this mentality will not change after this problem is sorted out. Many young people they are not giving their clothes for washing and ironing to outside.
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    People have learned so many things in no time due to the impending dangers of this virus threat. Whether it is the young generation or the oldies, everyone has become aware and conscious of the precautions that are to be taken in this situation to avoid the deadly infection. The concept of increasing immune system and resistance to ailments has been accepted by all the people across the globe.
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    As it is said that there is some good in bad and that is what COVID-19 has taught us. There were times when we did not have time for our family members but now we are together, chatting, helping, sharing, fighting, cooking, cleaning, playing, etc. We have learned to be clean and the basic funda that our parents or grandparents taught us to wash our hands regularly. cleaning our hands and feet after coming from outside, we have started enjoying the homely meals and started having hygienic food as everyone is more aware of their health, people have started loving nature and caring for it. Many have started gardening, growing plants, vegetables, flowers and started enjoying it. People have started realising the value of money and saving it for the future. People have learned to share, care and love others. Many have used the lockdown to learn new things like cooking, painting, reading, technology, writing, renovation, etc. The new generations have learned that eating a healthy and balanced diet is what matters and it has many benefits that help to be strong, healthy and beautiful.
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    When such pandemic hits our countries, it is our time to take care of self and our body. Most of them have quit the junk food habits and all are going for organic farming and cultivating vegetables at their home itself. Only a few people are buying things online and this trend will continue even if the pandemic eased from our country. For me, I was not health conscious but after this incident, I have started to practice Yoga and exercise. Doing creative work on this site has also helped to overcome my boring hobbies. For everyone one or another, each one has changed from their past mistakes and I hope all the people must follow these steps to maintain a good healthy diet.
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    As a lady and mother you have observed it right Sharada ji and Neeru Bhatt ji. Children have overcome with many bad habits. Kids also have started to cultivate healthy habits such as homemade healthy food, yoga and other exercises. But the most important point kids have learned these days is spending time with family. Don't you think so?
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    Dr.Rao sir, Umesh sir, Varghese sir and Ajay sir,
    You have given so many examples of good habits and practices we have developed in this pandemic to keep oneself and society safe. Yoga, exercise, walks and washing of hands and legs repeatedly will surely help our body to avoid any virus. At the same time yoga also helps in strengthening the immune system.

    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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