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    The rhythmic drive to loneliness

    It was 7 am in the morning. My parents headed to an important ceremony, leaving me to pick up my sister who was on her way from Chennai. I received her call, stating her train was late. I was alone in the house. It was a rainy day hence there was a power cut. I felt very lonely.

    I thought of preparing some sandwich in the kitchen, just then a few glasses fell from the table, I tried to lift them but suddenly some plates dropped on my head. By listening to this sound, an idea flashed into my mind, to tap all the equipment in the kitchen with a spoon so as to listen to different sound notations. This drive took me deep into the rhythms created by things around me. I was mesmerized. The continuous sound of the bang! bang! the sound brought me back to the real world. It was my sister who was waiting at the door. I received her with enthusiasm and moved to the family function together.

    On our way, I expressed my feelings to her and also suggested her to read this article on
    how does music affect us in our daily life? so that she could also reap the benefits of rhythms in loneliness.

    This is my entry for TOW contest - drive
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    Music is divine. It can change everyone's mind, bring cheer on the face. Toddlers too are fond of music. It gives them a relaxed mind.
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    Music plays a reliving role not only in loneliness, in love, in sadness, in anger, in brokenness, in happiness, etc. There is music for every occasion and it helps us to enjoy the moment. It was good that you were able to reap the benefits of rhythms in loneliness but you forgot to pick your sister who was coming from Chennai but that did not start a fight as seen in many of the cases. The post actually tells the cool nature of the writer as she enjoyed the moment even after breaking glasses and plates whereas in my cases it would have brought volcano when it reaches the ear of my parents.
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    True. Music is a medicine for many health issues. Even a serpent will also get attracted to music. Even small kids will also get attracted to music. Any sound which is good to hear will be like music only. That is the author enjoyed various sounds she created by using spoons and other utensils in the kitchen. A good write up.
    When we are alone and feeling bored music will be a friend to us and we can spend a good time hearing music. Music makes our mind fresh and we will be able to work with increased enthusiasm. The author is able to spend her time without any bore by creating herself music in the kitchen.

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    The author has captured a nice scene to create sound from different utensils and create a rhythm. In fact there are some musical instruments where by knocking at different sized cups or cups filled with water different musical notes are produced.
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    Music is a kind of meditation. It keeps us stress free. It is also a medicine when we are alone. Some people assume it as a means of entertainment only. But it has medical aspect too. In earlier times, it was considered as a important part of education. Earlier education was understood incomplete without music.

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    While we are alone, music helps us to forget our loneliness. As I love driving vehicles, I used to sing-song and drive my vehicle. By this, I won't know how I drove on the road. Sometimes, I wonder how I reached the destination soon. Sometimes, I question whether I crossed a particular area or not. Then I used to thank God for reaching the destination without any mishap. Especially while riding two-wheelers, I enjoy singing loudly in the open air.
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    Everyone has some rhythm and musician him/her. This will manifest in some way when they hear the same resonating somewhere. Unconsciously we will tap, clap, and shake our legs or hum or sing.
    Children always get curious and eager and try tapping and hitting on various surfaces and materials to hear the rhythm and music sound.
    The authors have narrated such a general happening.

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    Everything is general in this world but an eye to see it in a different way is an important aspect to kindle the spirit of imagination.
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