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    A talk with the mobile-by a student

    This is the conversation between student and mobile in the present situation where the students are deep into online classrooms.

    Student:(anxious) Good morning mobile. Is there any whatsapp message related to today's class.
    Mobile: Yes, you are supposed to join the google classroom by 8:30 am.

    Student: Oh! how long will it take to complete. These days my mom does not give me breakfast on time compared to the regular school days.
    Mobile: It's just 40 minutes and you are free.
    (Meanwhile, the student gets ready for the class)

    Student: (enthusiastic) Yes, now I have the class. (turns on the internet) an enters the ID and password.
    Mobile: Wait! Wait! why are you in a hurry. (the class begins)

    Student: (hears the sound of the teacher) Why is the screen not visible? I can't see the teacher Mr. Mobile
    Mobile: Let me check. (waits a moment) There is a network issue. Yes, Yes you can see clearly now.

    After ten minutes of explaination, teacher stops stating there is a network issue students, please wait. Yes, now we will continue.

    Student: I am not able to hear my teacher as my friends have unmuted and more over you are not supporting, Mr. Mobile.
    Mobile: I am just an instrument. What way can I help you? (network issue arises)

    Student: (shakes the mobile) Oh! I can't see nor hear as my friend has signed in as a host, by mistake.
    Mobile: Have patience, we can also get the information through a video.

    Student:(upset) You are not supportive. (leaves the classroom, comes out to drop the mobile on table)
    Mobile: Wait! Wait! (he is not listening to me as he is in anger)

    Finally teacher thinks that, student got a chance to view the class but the student did receive only a part of the information. Parents are just observers. This conversation is going on, everyday. Sometimes both are happy sometimes sad.

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    Hahaha, the writer has posting the common scenario that is seen in many houses and going on during this lockdown period as everyone has their online classes. It has become mandatory to have a smartphone/laptop/desktop or atleast a TV to get the online class notes. There are times when we may face network issues and it is common to have voice or picture distortion in the middle due to various problems like network, weather, etc. As these are normal problems, it can be managed by students themselves and parents being a mere spectator is better than getting worried.
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    How can the network problem be solved by the students themselves? Parents are concerned as education is an important stage in every student's life.
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    Anything will be infesting initially. But if the same is repeated then fatigue sets in. Online classes are not an exception to this. The thread brings this by an imaginary conversation between the student and mobile. It is also human trait to blame other without taking any responsibility on self.

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    Good imagination of a conversation with a mobile. It happens. We need patience while handling gadgets. Communication depends on many factors. Power, atmosphere, weather conditions, room conditions, noise pollution, etc decide better communication.
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    This is exactly what is happening. Whenever we have an online meeting the same thing is happening. All speaks. But nothing is clear. A lot of confusion. someone gets muted and someone gets unmuted. Some one's video will close down. A lot of time is getting wasted. Sometimes we even don't know who joined and who has not joined. The same thing has been explained by the author in a very nice way. Good thread and my appreciations to the author.
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    Students have a lot of curiosity to gain some knowledge from the teacher. It is now through the mobile that they can see their teacher.
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    These are teething troubles and would remain there for some time as many technicalities are involved in it. Students have to have some patience and I think either the parents or some friends or relatives should help in the beginning to those students who are finding these initial difficulties. We are moving from a physical world to the online world and such bottlenecks are expected in the beginning. Many agencies are also offering help for setting up these things in the house for a small fee and one can take help from that also. Things would be smoothly running soon.
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    The schools and institutions are also recording the class. This can be collected by the students, if they missed the class.
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