July 2020 Contests and Reward Programs Schedule

First, a message: Please continue maintaining safety measures of wearing a mask, washing hands properly and keeping a social distance when you step out strictly to buy essentials only. You must take this pandemic seriously and not be gung-ho about it. Your carelessness may not affect you directly but will affect others.

Now while you stay home and be safe, do check this thread on a regular basis. It will give alerts of ongoing and upcoming reward programs that will include contests and fun activities, some of which may have enhanced points and a few cc only with no major cash prizes. Since this is just an Alert thread, it will remain locked and red-pinned till the end of the month, requiring no responses. In case you need clarification on any of the reward programs, though, you may submit a query in the contest's announcement thread itself. Have fun this July!

1. Still ongoing from earlier:
(i) Education Series competition.
(ii) Teaching a class online - which one and what subject would you prefer?
(iii) Topic-based TOW of the last Sunday of June: Write on the word Drive.

2. ISC Birthday Special- A thread a day challenge.

3. Book of riddles - 12th July 2020 (Sunday), between 10.30 a.m. and 11.30 a.m.
Announced at 11.08a.m.: Test your book(ish) knowledge

4. The child in you - book character contest

5. E-book contest - likely to be announced tomorrow, on 24th July and registration will be open only for a day. It will be a fast & furious contest with quick entries required for the e-book!
Announced on 26th July: Best friendship short stories - E-book 13-hour challenge contest.

6. End of the month topic-based TOW - 26th July 2020.
Announced: Topic based TOW contest August - Diplomacy.

7. Guess the Mystery Writer in our E-book of short stories.