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    Barbarians in police uniform - protectors or executioners

    By now everyone must be aware of the barbarism that happened in a TN city in recent times. The way a father-son duo were severely tortured and left to die, speaks of the animal instinct a few of our protectors in police uniform still harbour. The father-son duo were not criminals or even offenders. They were ordinary humans like you and me who made a living by running an electronics shop. That they had a tiff-off with some cops, who picked them up on the false accusation of breaking the lockdown rules and then thrashing them most inhumanely entire night long in a police lock-up. It reminds of the barbarism that the Nirbhaya victim had to suffer in the hands of her tormentors way back in 2012 in Delhi. It was six criminals then and six cops this time, yes uniformed cops, who are supposed to be protectors and not executioners.

    No wonder, the incident has generated outrage in the entire country and the case has been handed over to the CBI by the Chief Minister himself. Hope the perpetrators are punished at the earliest and none of them is able to get off scot-free. Maybe those from the region could throw more light into the behaviour of the cops. Is it a one-off case or the police, in general, behaves in such high-handed way there? Please comment.

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    Misuse of power by officials should be exemplary punished. Here it is sheer brutality. The perpetrators should be tried for cold blooded murder and given the most severe punishment. The family should be compensated as their backbone is gone. The charge sheet and trial should be done without delay.
    It all shows the erosion of values from our society. Pre-recruitment character and conduct evaluation are to be stringent and proper. Post recruitment, psychological monitoring evaluation is also necessary.

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    Probably the father-son duo might not have given something asked by the cops earlier. So they have taken this as a chance and taken the revenge I think. Otherwise, why they should be so harsh. Nobody was able to do anything to the people who conducted secret meetings without taking any permissions. These erring officials should be given a punishment deemed fit. Now the case is being investigated by CBI. I hope the truth will come out and suitable action will be taken the offenders.
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    Police have immense powers to protect the public from the criminals and help the citizens from the clutches of anti-social elements. That is something that is a great support from the system to the common people. Unfortunately, when police itself starts to trouble people on one or other context, it becomes a very bad situation as the protector itself becomes the exploiter. I think we should have some cross checks in our system and governance to keep a curb on such activities by police. In any case such behaviour from police forces is intolerable and inexcusable.
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    The latest update is that five accused policemen have been arrested by the Crime Branch -CID. People have celebrated the arrests by bursting crackers. All praise goes to the brave lady constable who spoke against the crime she witnessed in the police lock-up. Thanks to her initiative and statements, it will be now easy to prosecute the guilty cops. Hope justice is delivered at the earliest.
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