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    Being naive is unacceptable in today's world of deceits

    Gone are the days when people used to believe another person blindly. No one doubted another person's commitment. It's not that there was no wrongdoer, but the percentage of such people was countable. Gradually, the attitude and intention of human beings became degraded. Most of them are always in search of their benefit. In that quest, people have entangled themselves to such an extent that they opt to harmful routes. They do not think twice before slamming, blaming, deceiving, murdering or harming in any other way. So, the world has drastically changed, not for the better but for worse.

    In such a scenario, men and women need to be alert and be far-sighted. Parents need to teach their innocent kids to be cautious and street-smart. Before believing anyone, one must cross-check the whole matter to avoid duping. The present world is full of deceits, so to exist here respectably one must be aware of anything and everything, then only he/she can save oneself from being dragged into wrongdoings. Thus, it's time to become well-informed and enhance personal awareness because the deceits are always ready to trap gullible people. What's your opinion?

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    Being naive is mostly mistaken and taken to be stupid and fool. Naive person now a days is treated as a person not knowing how to live.because then their conscious blames them for their guilty deeds.

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    This is very true. Gone are those days when simplicity was one of the highest virtues. Nowadays you do need to be somewhat crooked to survive in a world full of hoooligans. If you are simple and naive, people will look out for opportunities to harm you and make profits in your expenses. Blindly believing anyone in today's deceitful world can be utterly dangerous. Unfortunately, I am one such person who keeps believing people blindly despite being harmed several times. I cannot lose faith on humanity and its essential goodness. But after being mistreated for my naivety several times, I think I should change myself now.
    Poulami Bakshi

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    Being simple is taken as a weakness these days. How pompous you are? A Wealthy appearance is considered as a great appearance. They will be respected more. Simple people are not given any importance. They will be neglected and they will be considered as useless.
    People will consider you as a great person if put in a lot of show-offs and talk more. These days what you did is not important. How you present yourself is more important. It is easy to deceive people these days. If we show them on paper some material benefits they will follow you. So one should be very cautious. Especially the aged people understand these issues better. So they should advise their kids properly and see that they will not get deceived. Otherwise, there are many ways to get deceived.

    always confident

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    The world is like that. It was even earlier like so only thing is the percentage of cheaters was less. With modern advancements and lust for money many people have taken the path of wrong doings and cheating the fellow persons. So these dangers are lurking everywhere in the society and it is necessary that simple and gullible should be aware of these persons and their modus operandi. The children are much vulnerable from these persons while others are equally a soft target for these cheaters. They spread their trap with such meticulous planning that even the wiser people fall into their lap and incur loses in their lives.
    Knowledge is power.

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    All of you have accepted that these days a simple person is cheated by the deceits around. There comes my point that it is useless to remain naive. One can remain simple at heart, but one has to be intellectually smart. If it's the case, then no one can cheat. To be uncomplicated at heart is not a problem, but the main issue is the lack of common sense, intelligence and smartness. Such kind of people become soft targets, so one must keep eyes and ears open for not being misguided.

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