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    An instinctive drive to our mind

    The newpapers of today displaying some suicide cases, a few murders, few gang rapes, some unlisted assacinations, some brutal domestic violence cases, lead us to a mind thoughtful of where the mind is going to.

    Mind which is considered as the master of the body is highly developed in human beings, hence we consider ourselves as the incredibly best creation of god. When we read about the Nobel prize winners we feel proud, the players winning gold medals for our country raises our head, children winning medals in international Olympiads make us immensely proud of our race.
    But if we closely inspect the newspapers or watch news on television we find only a few pieces of news which can make us feel proud. Rest are of a sick mentality derived out of a tired mind with hideous thoughts inculcated in disgusting environment.
    Under such circumstances we,human beings, need to drive our mental curator on and kicking the evil and depressing off the hill of the mind.
    Whenever a person sets on a drive to evil or ill, the instinct of his mind provides him two options to withdraw the state and work for the betterment of mind and second, to pursue the bad. In most of the conditions to satisfy one's ego the following of the bad appears satisfactory and relief giving but if thought about a long run the huge fame and a merry life can really aspire one to stay on the path of goodness.
    The intuitive mind always imparts us a vision of both the choices we have in our lives but it certainly depends on owner of that mind which one he wants to pursue. The fact is that a mere decision can change our life and living style completely and the results won't be shown to us in a day or two, they will be displayed to us and everybody else as fame or defame in a broader context either illuminating candles of being worthy or a huge insult on the name of humanity.
    A mind can be inculcated with supreme, superior qualities with a help of a simple recipe:
    Few grams of motivation at a tender age, a solid fruit of determination, cups full of hardwork, a single seed of aim to be achieved sown deeply within mixed with a teaspoonful of inspiration, spiced with novel acts of humanity and moral ethics, tossed in an instinct to serve the people and country well with honesty and garnished with love for every creature made by God.

    Before a mind could divert towards evil if our intuition senses it and our instinct of good drives us towards conserving the human in human beings by the above mentioned recipe the evil and depressing would never be able to conquer our lives and the newspapers would again be filled with discoveries, inventions, achievements and educational journals.

    This is my entry to Topic of the month TOW contest- Drive
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    It is rightly said that the neem seeds cannot reap a mango fruit. What we sow, so we reap. So we have to teach and be taught with good deeds. Spiritual values should be sown through stories. The right path so nurtured will always lead themselves and others into a positive world.
    Lead the leader

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    Rightly said Sharada ma'am, we, however old we grow, still need to be taught about keeping a positive aptitude and teaching the youngsters is certainly our responsibility.
    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    Our ex-President and Missile Man of India. Sri Abdul Kalam said that the negativity in the minds of the people is mainly due to the negative attitude of the media. All news which will make us proud will not be printed but all incidents which make us worry will be printed will bold letters. Newspapers will give importance to all such news only. They will report all the wrong things and positive things will find their place in a small corner of the last or last but one page only. That is why he advised the children not to see the newspapers.
    If news which makes us enthusiastic are getting importance, our mind also will be full of good thoughts and negative thoughts will never come to our mind.

    always confident

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    When we get the good motivational push at the tender age of our life, we look positive to every move and that would be proceeded with confidence and total dedication which would lead to flawless achievement and good life. And good teaching should not stop at the young age, as we grow day by day the feed what we get from others should be taken as positive. By the way we should not get distracted with the news and news items. That should not create a bad negative thoughts in us as we are bound to be influenced by words and images and we should keep ourselves calm and composed.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    K. Mohan sir,
    You said we shouldn't get distracted with the news and news items but we can't stop the children's imaginations their thought processes and their distractions once they view such brutal news articles. Even the teenagers who are highly aggressive due to the secondary development in their bodies, if view such articles their mind may take any turn. Only the mature ones can understand that they needn't be distracted by such news and that too not everytime. Hence we need to have a hold on the mind and the choices it is offering to us by being human and following the method suggested above.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    Very well presented thread. When we sit together in our friend's room and switch on the News channel, we hear most of the cases that actually make us worried that are suicides, rapes, murders, abandoning of children or parents, bribe, or scams, etc. Very few news spread happiness like a medal/trophy for our country, any new invention, good results in 10th/12th or college, etc.

    The new and simple recipe that you have provided to inculcate super quality mind by motivating at a tender age etc is really thought processing and can make a big difference in the blooming buds. If every parent, teachers and society try their best to give or provide positive thoughts in children, they will definitely become a better citizen.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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