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    Online Wildlife Safari – A Good Initiative to Reduce Direct Pressure on Ecology and Environment

    As we have been listening to an old English proverb since long that Necessity is the mother of invention and this COVID 19 pandemic has insisted us to think out of the way or beyond the limit. Here is an example of Tadoba National Park, which is also known as Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) started a daily online safari for those enthusiasts who are missing Tadoba's regular safari during this Pandemic. TATR's officials go every morning on the regular round of the park and do video shoot and encapsulated it in a 20-minute film after editing and uploaded it on TATR website. People enjoyed these a lot while staying at home and still every fan can enjoy its panoramic view occupied by its rich Floral and faunal biodiversity, river & lakes through TATR website.

    This initiative was taken during COVID 19 lockdown but it can be continued and followed by other protected areas, biosphere reserves and wildlife safaris as well so that everybody can enjoy the nature without disturbing the ecology and natural habitats.

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    Very good initiative by the TATR officials. I don't understand why other officers of the other safaris and Zoos have not followed this concept. People who are suffering a lot with the monotonous environment in the house might have enjoyed this a lot. Even today we are not going out as freely as earlier. If there is an absolute necessary only we are going out. There is no entertainment. Initiatives like this will help us in having a peace of mind and we will feel out of tension at least for some time.
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    In this situation many things are being attempted online and this one is also being tried and seems to be a good initiative. Actually speaking you can never replace the physical appearances and feelings of things in online mode but in pandemic situation there is no alternative except going for these options. Slowly in many other fields also such initiatives are being thought by the innovative people around the world.
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    Of course nothing can replace the physical appearances and feelings of things in online mode mainly when we are talking about to enjoy nature with blowing wind and chirping of birds. But we have to compromise some where . It may benefit us in many ways like ; we can save time, there is no limitation of time , and it will also reduce traffic congestion as well as noise and air pollution.

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