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    Will China’s fate be like that of Bhasmasura

    Bhasmasura was an Asura(demon) who got a very unique boon from Lord Shiva, that whatever he touches with his hand will become ashes. With the new gained extra power he grew very adamant and cruel and started harassing the three worlds. As ultimately the evil has to be vanquished in its own way, as usual, Lord Vishnu has to find a solution for this. Proving the adage "Visnaasha kale Vipareeta budhi" Bhasmasura touches his own head during dance posture, and he becomes ashes.

    I would consider China to be a Bhasmasura in the making. It grows too selfish and tries to dominate the whole world by its newly gained economic might. It is growing to be the Modern Devil among nations. The Evil and Devil has to be destroyed ultimately. When the end nears the evil loses its sense of balance and does all unwelcome unwanted things. China's actions all round indicates it is closing near its destruction (Vinaashakaal). It is now trying for self destruction. If it does not amend and retrace its wrong path, that will happen.

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    Nicely said by the author. China thought that it can create problems to India from other side and Pakistan has been instigated to give more troubles from their borders. Even Nepal has been induced. But all these actions proved to be the handiwork of China and the US President Trump has gone on record that he is getting more angrier with China and that is good news because if at all a war happens that would be from US and EU forces which are more furious on China for spreading the covid and their action is for sure. So India need not worry and what the author said that China is digging its own grave as done by Basmasura, One more thing ,the days are not far when the present leadership in China would be challenged by the locals there as they are getting furious over China getting into enemy mode against all countries.
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    You said it well and compared China with Bhasmasura the demon who was granted a boon by Lord Shiva and was destroyed by Lord Vishnu through his image as Mohini, a beautiful girl. China has got the boon of having Corona with them. Corona, I must say that it is a boon to China. They have tested the effectiveness of the boon and are satisfied. With that, they are trying to expand their territory.

    Now let us know who is going to be Lord Vishnu to cause death to China. If you say that it is all the nations in the world will act as Vishnu, what about countries like Pakistan, Nepal and Srilanka and many other nations which are supporting China. It is possible, only if all the nations unite and boycott Chinese goods.

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    True. China will get into ashes one day because of their own deeds only. They have the largest population and they managed good p[roduction at a low rate and able to capture the market. But they are trying to kill other countries and trying to achieve supremacy over the world. It may not be possible and they are going to fall down very shortly. Many other countries are trying to get united to take revenge on China. Because of that reason only China is not going fast on war against India.
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    China is a modern Bhasmasura and it would require modern techniques to kill it. It is technologically an advanced country and has also got a great military might. China has used its high population in the growth of the country. Chinese people are very hard working and efficient. Some engineers came to India for some business and they were staying in a rented house in our housing society. I talked to them and got some information about Chine. One of the most surprising thing was that there people are not aware of political careers as it is almost impossible to enter the Communist party ranks. So, politics is not a career there. Similarly the farmers of China are in a comfortable position as they are getting good price for their produces. So, they are much ahead of many countries in the world and the whole world has to unite if this Bhasmasura is to be killed.
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    Establishing a monopoly rule may not last for longer years. Bhasma is the ash, once a person dies and is burnt we get the ash. It has no value. When we are alive, if our deeds are good people will remember and if our deeds are very bad even then people will remember us. It is always better to stop evil practices whether it is within the family or in the outside world.
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    China has emerged as an economic giant through its work. They are the most populated and dense country but they have managed to use its labour to their maximum and produces or manufacture everything at a low price. They have not only used their labour but have managed to efficiently use the technology for its gain and it is always the first to come up with the latest development of even the duplicate versions at the shortest period. They made it difficult for the main manufacturers to keep their product and price at a minimum as China comes up with its goods with the same or better features and is the competitors for any products.

    As they developed from trash, they have forgotten their base and as Bhasmasura the demon, they too have grown very adamant and cruel and started harassing the worlds with toxic, poisonous and low-quality products. It is not only fatal but even dangerous to human lives. It is time that it vanquishes in its way as many countries have started boycotting their products making it difficult for China to keep its ground. Hope they learn and amend or retrace its wrong path or else be destroyed by its venom.

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    Bhasmasura kept his hand finally on himself but China is playing a passing game to keep on continuing the chain, to put almost more than 50% of the heads down in the entire world.
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