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    Date mentioned on blue band is blurred

    I am not technically very sound so thought to raise this thread because I am confused. On the thread 13th Birthday special thread
    The post number(#701372), date and time are completely blurred on the blue band in which I have posted the details of the threads. Interestingly Monika Kushwaha's submission box (#701376) has also blurred date and etc. on the blue band. The edit button at the right side on the blue band (top margin) of her box, shows the hand symbol when I move the mouse over it, which I think it should not be.

    Kindly, check the issue. Why on the blue top margin the post number and date are blurred? And, why Monika Kushwaha's box is similar to mine. I have not clicked on the edit symbol on the blue band but it shows the hand symbol. Kindly check both the boxes. Not all the boxes, but only two boxes with the numbers which I have mentioned above.
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    Yes, I have now visited thatthred foud what you said is true. But I can read the date and timing on the band.
    Anyway that wil not have any impact in the present context. However for technicality sake, it is good thatyou have observed and suggested. The matter may be st right or observed and analysed by the ISC technical team.

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    Exactly. The blue band is not showing any kind of details clearly. The post tag numbers along with the date and timings isn't visible clearly. Although the details can be read if observed properly, still the issue needs to be evaluated properly by the team.
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    Yes. The blue band of the two members are blurred, but can be read with a deep penetrating look. We need to look into that response 15 times to edit and insert our thread link regularly every day without a miss. ISC technical expert should have a look at this problem.
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    The problem is being looked into. Please wait for a response.

    I checked the references by Shampa and Monika but could not find any difference. Anyhow, it will be checked for any technical problems and rectified. Even otherwise, it is not something that would affect the contributions or earnings of a member. So nothing much to be really worried about.

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    Just now after seeing this post I have gone to that thread and seen the posting s by both the authors referred above. They are clear and no blurring at all. On all the posting they are very visible. Any let the technical team look into it.
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    In the morning, when I had a view at the response, it was blurred. Now at 2229 hrs, when I had a relook at it, it is quite clear. Was it magic! I really wonder
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