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    Police brutality: can group and personal counseling help?

    The death of two traders -- a father and a son -- at Saathangulam, in the Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu, in the local prison, after the police brutally beat them up, has sent shock waves throughout the nation. It has indeed become international news.

    In the instant case, it is said that a few days before the terrible police excess happened, the cops had demanded free cell phones from the shop. Since the cellphones cost Rs.20,000 apiece, the father and son refused. Hence, on the pretext of keeping their shop open for a short time after the prescribed time, the duo was taken to the police station and then subject to the worst ever treatment. Worse, the local magistrate was insulted. The Madurai bench of the Madras High Court took the onus on itself and virtually demanded that the truth be told.

    For the first time in judicial history, the learned judges have themselves talked over the phone to a vital lady witness -- a police official in the police station. She has spilled the beans. The case is now with the CB-CID. The main culprits have been arrested.

    A theory that has been doing the rounds is: even if we forget this sad event, are the policemen stressed beyond limits? The Coronavirus has taken a heavy toll on the mental health of every single policeman everywhere, but perhaps even more in Tamil Nadu.

    Can we counsel the police in groups and through one-to-one counseling? And can we innovate some ways to reduce the stress? The Madurai bench is now asking the same questions about stress, though counseling has not been specifically mentioned. There are trained counselors everywhere. Can we tap their services?

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    Normally the police were not that bad to deal the people on custody. It is the style of the police to take the information from adamant people by beating. Even then some people would not reveal the truth and hence the police gets tensed to act tough. The the law does not give them the right to brutal acts and punishing, but such cases are happening daily and does not come to lime light. This incident was beamed even on the national level and thus those involved for brutal custodial deaths were taken to task. The law should have clear cut guidelines on how to deal with custody adamant.
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    Mohan Sir, in this case, both the father and son were not adamant. Many witnesses have given a statement that the police wanted free cell phones and when that was refused, they became instant enemies of the rogue police. The high-handed behavior of the police is so clear and now the case is directly handed by the Madurai bench of the high court.

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    The reason for the arrest of the father and son is only for not putting their shutter down after the permissible time. The police could have simply warned them and ensured that they closed the shop. It is not a serious case to deal with. The police could have booked a case against the shop owners for not following the rules. That's all. Why call them to the police station for third-degree treatment. Is police our friend as they propagate to the public? The police committed a brutal act. The doctor who issued a certificate, the magistrate who remanded them to judicial custody are the culprits. Among the police, one is said to have political influence. This political influence made them exceed the limit. Police are like the crop-eating fence. No counseling would help. We have witnessed many police excesses and atrocities during the lockdown throughout our country. If this continues, police force will lose their respect, and the public might rise against the police.
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    Sir, this is not a single case. There are many other cases which go unnoticed. Victims despite demanding justice for decades have never got justice. Never think the forces can't do injustices when they do they do it with utmost cruelty and barbarity. And then comes the justice; if the system is healthy, you get justice but if the same system is plagued by corruption and conspiracy, you can never see justice and victims will face the brunt of injustices. Justice will become a dream for them. Every time they try to prove innocent, more charges will be imposed. Never overlook the crime perpetrated by forces! Justice must prevail.

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    Sir, I do agree that it is not a single case. In fact, the same police officials had been also been accused of some excesses in the past; they had big political support from the worst ever corrupted party that now rules the State. The day is not far off when the public will hit back at the police in a manner shown in so many Tamil and Hindi movies.

    The hero will simply walk into the station and beat up even the sub-inspector; a similar thing will happen with a differce. Instead of one, fifty armed youth might enter a police station and simply bash up all the police, irrespective of their position.

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    The culprits need to be brough before law and punished with exemplary punishment. The punishment should serve as deterrent in future.

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