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    With more and more facilities we are becoming lazy

    Being a housewife, I appreciate the gadgets and accessories used in the house for various purposes and especially used in the kitchen. Then we have TVs, ACs, Coolers, decorative lights having remote controls to address them. For hours, people view TV and do not need to move for any adjustment as TV is remotely controlled. Things are slowly becoming automatic in the sense that you just leave them and they would go in sleep mode. The fully automatic washing machines do not require our interventions in between. We do not go out for shopping as door delivery is the order of the day. Would all these things not make us lazy? So, automisation is entering in our lives in a big way and with that our body movements and physical activities are being restricted to a great extent. To compensate that people have to go for some mechanisms like going to gym and doing exercises to keep themselves fit. Have you also observed this phenomenon taking place in our lives?
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    Surely as the comfort levels goes up the human being tend to become lazy. In our ancestral homes which was big enough with garden and lots of space, brooming the same would be a big task and even the mopping is done through manually. But now the broom is used by the house maid, and the mopping is also done by servants. Likewise for chutneys and powders, they used to be done manually and that would give exercise to our households then. The idly and dosa batter was made manually and that took hard work on them. And now the grinding machines of all size are at the disposal of the households and hence the laziness at the peak.
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    It is a very nice observation from the author. However, we can't blame it on modern-day equipment and gadgets. Their function is to provide comfort, and they are doing that conveniently. It is we who have adopted the lazy lifestyle and blaming them for making us lethargic. There are many households where women still prefer to adopt the old lifestyle and do not use modern-day gadgets.

    Since these equipment has reduced our workload, we should devote our saved time in engaging ourselves in some form of physical activity and keep ourselves healthy.

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    Definitely we are being big lazy because of comfortable life. In older days, people used to do every work manually. That time machine was not available. People was very healthy and physically fit. They weren't need to go for gym and any kind of exercise. But today situation is bad using comfortable life. We are having many disease like obesity, diabetes,blood pressure, heart disease, gastric etc in early age. All this happens due to lack of physical activity. We are habituated to comfortable life this extent that we are not able to do our household work for single day in absence of servant maid. New machine and technology made us cripple. As situation goes on, we would be more cripple in coming days due to robot system.

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    What you said is cent percent right. Once we were very busy with activities, but now lazy with no much activities. Especially the women have become lazier with the advancement in technology. The physical activities have come down to zero. Therefore, there is an increase in diseases like diabetics, blood pressure, knee pain, joint pain, backache etc. As suggested by you, many may not go to gym to maintain their physique. In this busy world, where is time to spare for such activities. We have gone against nature for pleasure, ultimately we suffer from ill health due to nil physical work.
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    No doubt about this. Not only in the works of the housewive but also for gents also there are many comforts these days. My father used to go on a bicycle to his office daily on a bicycle. He used to cycle 4 km a day. So he never required a separate exercise to keep his body under control. These days to the same office many people are going by motorcycle. They go separately for a walk in the morning. I fail to understand why to do this.
    All used to draw water from the wells using a bucket which is a very good exercise. But now we use overhead tanks and pump water into it. Like this, there are many comforts in our day to day activities. These comforts are making us lazy.
    Similarly, in all the works, we are using electronic appliances and we are avoiding physical strains. That is making us really lazy.

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    With more and more facilities not only we are becoming lazy but even unhealthy too.
    Modern appliances and facilities help us not only in saving physical labour but in saving time too. But instead of using the saved time for something good and productive we use it for whiling away or 'resting'. This makes us unhealthy fast.

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    Gadgets are there to help us to complete our work quickly as housewives were not only working at home, they had to work at the office too. The present situation has confined their movements and limited to family. So this is the time to rejuvenate and take care of our health. Housewives have to spend some time in yoga and meditation as gyms are also closed. We can complete one asana when the washing machine is on or read some chants, shlokas.
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    What I wanted to highlight was that these facilities make us lazy. At the same time people who are disciplined and active can definitely engage in constructive activities during spare time.
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    Technological advancements would always bring newer and newer gadgets in our houses. We have to move with them. It is always there. They would save our time and this time would be used then in some other activity. May be someone gets more time for other hobbies like outdoor gardening etc. With time these things are changing and we are also adopting to them in a smooth manner. People who cannot occupy themselves might have some problem with the spare time available but in general people search some occupation or resort to some hobby which they were not able to undertake earlier because of lack of time.
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    There are a few people who can organise their time effectively. So, when facilities increase they gain. But a large number of people are not like that. They would simply idle if they get more and more facilities giving them more free time.
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    Different appliances and gadgets help men and women both and ease their workload. Using them doesn't make us lazy. We become lazy if we've employed servants in home and we begin to depend on them for all household work.

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