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    Take pride being a initiator rather being a follower

    If you have the leadership quality and also have the intense knowledge capacity, there is going to be a sure change in your every attitude and you prefer to be a initiator rather being a follower. By starting as initiator you are giving the fillip and thought process to others to tow your line of approach but we cannot expect every one to support our thoughts but even the criticism could be a welcome aspect for us to make changes in future approach. And if you have so many followers that proves that you are leader in making or even established leader on the subject.

    A thread a day challenge 3rd July 2020 entry
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    It is indeed true that initiators have tremendous leadership qualities. When there are a number of new FMCG products introduced in the market, the employment potential becomes just too good.

    For example, if the initiator is an entrepreneur who can think of any product that can be purchased by even those with limited incomes, that entrepreneur will have thousands of new followers. Velvette shampoo, from one Dr. Rajkumar, who hails from the family of Cavinkare, Chennai, was one such example. Today, there are thousands of products in small sachets and millions of people who own and run petty shops from their residences in the small villages. The main selling products are only the hundreds of sachet based products that helps the family to earn some income. In fact, there are reports that such familes keep getting a daily profit of Rs250/. Normally, there will be at least one family member doing some other work and the net result is that the family will be able to live a fairly decent life, much above the poverty line. In the small towns such products are also sold with samosaas, fruits and vegetables and so on. The trigger for their good living has come from an initiator who may never be known to such small entrepreneurs. They will merely mention the name of the company.

    However, only such initiators who are always innovative, are the real game changers.

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    Only people who can think out of the box can be initiators. An initiator will be successful if he has good knowledge of all the matters and he can lead the people properly. Many people will initiate but they can't make their initiated project sustain for long. An initiator with leadership qualities only can bring success.
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    It is true. The initiators have an edge. Followers expect initiative, drive and boldness in a leader and those who have initiative have a better chance to become leaders. It is always better to be a person showing initiative rather than being subdued and remain following someone..

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    Good initiators are good leaders. They can motivate and mobilise the people for a collective goal. Generally initiators are good organisers and good planners. They know the pulse of the followers and they also know what makes the followers to follow them and even adore them as fans. Being an initiator has many privileges. It gives an opportunity to take all the crucial decisions on behalf of the group. It delegates power to the initiator to fight or confront with other groups. There is no comparison between an initiator and a follower as one is at the directing place while other is simply obeying him.
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    Leadership is a quality filled with much other quality and it cannot be expected by many. A leader needs to understand others, know what is needed, learn from the mistake, have the problem-solving ability, take blame and lead from the front. When we talk about being an initiator, we need to be confident, determined and ready to face criticism as there will be always a pull-down when you try to lead from the front and as a leader, one needs to foresee it beforehand to set the trend. There are times when you may fail or your decision be questioned as any new beginning is like walking on thorns, the first one to walk will always get his feet wounded but slowly, it will become the path for many. It is easy to follow than to lead and it takes courage and attitude to be a leader. Try to be a leader than being a follower if you have the guts.
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