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    The cry of a set square of a Geometry Box*

    The set square and protractor in a Geometry box are very unhappy. The set square says, "we who live in the Geometry box are manufactured from different places and live together in this box. But few are treated well, and few are ignored. Among the ignored, we set square are never touched and used."

    Members, A geometry box contains the following; One 15 mm scale, Two set squares, One protractor, One compass, One divider, One Eraser, One, Sharpner and a Pencil.

    We carry the geometry box to school regularly every day, but we use only the Scale, Pencil, Eraser, Sharpner and the compass. We use the scale for drawing straight lines, and the compass for drawing circles. We hardly use the set square and the protractor.

    Sincerely writing. I never used the set squares and protractors during my school days. Therefore the cry of the set square is very genuine, I feel,

    What about you? How effectively you used the set squares during your school days? Let us share.

    This is my 3/15 (3rd July 2020) entry for 'ISCs 13th Birthday Contest' entry.
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    The author has raised a very interesting post. I have used protractor in geometry class very often. However, I have never touched set square. I don't even know how to use it. Being a part of the geometry box, we used to always carry it. But we hardly used it. So yes I felt it as an unnecessary object lying around envying others. Thus, I too have heard the cry of the set square.

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    Nice. Set square will be used very rarely. I remember I used it during tenth class for drawing a perfect parallel line to another line. But we can't get a geometry box without them. Otherwise, we have to purchase the required items separately and keep them in a box.
    Many people will hear the cry of the set square. Some may hear at a louder voice and some may hear it at a little lesser level.

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    Though I have gorgotten about these things now, recently I saw an online maths clas in TV. There the teacher was using both the set aquares for dividing a circle into various number of equal angle(parts).
    We were using Compasses and protractors muc.

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    It is true that we hardly use the set square and protractor from the geometry box during our school days and many may not be knowing about its function until they join engineering or architecture. I have used the protractor for drawing angles but set squares were hardly used. I have used it in our engineering drawing and is hardly used even now. It is said that the true value of the gemstone is known only by the lapidary, in the same way, the usage of the set square and protractor is known only by its user.
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    I too have never used the set square but protractor was in use regularly. These days everything is viewed through three-dimensional images hence set squares have lost its value.
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