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    Spoon feeding is not the way to groom a young child

    In the present generation, parents used to have one child or two children in most cases. Due to this parents are giving maximum care and pampering them in a luxurious way. To give maximum comfort to the children, parents are doing the work that the children supposed to do. For example, the child has to do some Maths homework and struggling to get the solution. On seeing this, parents themselves doing the homework for the child to make him/her happy. If any project work is given to the child by the teacher, without the involvement of the child parents themselves are preparing or completing the project work for them. Then what is the scope for the child to learn, struggle, and get life experience of completing a task? Can you expect a small kid without its own efforts, can he expect to crawl on the floor or able to stand latter. If you observe the life cycle of a butterfly, it has to undergo various hazardous stages to transform into its beautiful colorful flying form? It has to undergo the egg stage, the caterpillar stage (an ugly worm stage), Pupa (resting stage), and beautiful butterfly stage. So the struggle in every stage is important for anything to learn and excel. If you remove the struggle aspect in life, it is like a bird was stopped to fly by cutting its wings.

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    It is absolutely correct. Parents nowadays do almost everything for their children and the children become habituated to this. Actually, the children remain unaware of the whole process. I am giving an example of a simple thing of filling up the forms for an examination. I was associated with assessing students for an online examination platform where mostly the engineering students enrol. Before the start of the examination, they need to fill up the forms online where they had to provide complete details for verification. I felt surprised to answer their queries every day during filling up the forms. The queries were not expected from engineering students. This happened because most of their parents used to fill up the forms for any requirement, be it educational or others. Since they are not much aware of the process of filling up the forms they remain confused and have queries. Likewise, in many aspects, children become very dependent on their parents.

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    Author's view is 100% correct. Present generation is extremely habituated to luxurious life. They don't understand the meaning of struggle. I think parents are completely responsible for this. Right from childhood, we support our children in every activity. That's why children become dependent upon us for every work. One of my neighbour, who feed her 20 year old single daughter with own hand because of pampering nature. Whereas in earlier times people used to take family responsibility on this age. That's why present generation is unable to sustain up and down of life. Today's youngsters are being depressed in small matter which leads to suicide. So now suicide cases are seen more. Struggle is part of life. It should accept as a challenge then we can be perfect to live this life.

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    Spoon feeding is the main cause of spoiling children in many families. From a psychological point of view the parents love their children and have great affection towards them. It is a natural attribute which almost all parents have. When the child cries for something it depends on the intelligence and practical vision of the parents whether they should oblige him by what he wants or ignore him or pacify him otherwise. The wise parents would never yield to sentimental pressure of the children on them but the gullible ones would be happy to do a favour to the child. They do not know that by doing that favour they are simply spoiling him.
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    As the child cannot have its mouthful iitially it needs spoonfeeding only. The spon may be made bigger gradually and when the mother orparents are sure that it can hold a mouthful without choking or spitting the spoon can got rid of and can be hand fed. Then it can be allowed to feed by itself.

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    It is the normal trend that parents follow. It is not the fault of children but parents as they want their children to excel in everything and thus do their work(homework/project/drawing/essay) etc. We should understand that the homework or project work is given for them to understand its concept, working or how to solve it. In this way, they will learn to brainstorm and come up with solutions or find way out when in the problem. Homework or projects is a way to know whether the student was able to understand what was taught in class and thus spoon-feeding should not be 100%. The parent can help the child to understand what he has to do, how to approach or make them clear if any doubt arises but the whole work should be done by them so that we will be able to know where they are having a problem or where they are making mistake. I am against spoon-feeding but would like children to come up with new ideas or ways as it helps them cope up with any situation and helps their overall growth.
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