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    At last I found the Father of Invention

    There is no need to worry. Neither the child has done something wrong nor is the child filling up an application form where the name of the father is required. You see, it is very logical. Since Necessity is the Mother of the 'child' Invention there must be a Father somewhere. Though you may ask why I am beginning the search after such a long time I would say it's better late than never. Now since I initiated the search, I have to go a long way to find it. If I am unable to find the father, I am sure you are there to help me. Even if you also remain unsuccessful then I have to hire an investigator to find him. Now let me begin the search. Looking around here and there is not going to produce the desired results. So, I am going in a logical way. You know, investigators always have some logic behind their actions and by applying that logic they even solve critical cases. After thinking for some time about the logical ways I should follow, I chanced upon an idea. Yes, the idea that can definitely change something. I think I got it. See, the necessity to search gave the idea for an invention. So, shall I conclude by saying that Idea is the Father of Invention? I am awaiting your approval.

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    I know that necessity is the mother of invention. I never thought who will be the father. But after reading this thread I started thinking why necessity is not the father, why it is the mother? No clue.
    When there is a necessity, we will start thinking about the way we can get the needed. Then during the process, we may get an idea to get and when we follow, we may get item necessary for us. The idea made the way to obtain the necessity. So I think so necessity and idea are the parents of every invention.

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    Generally mother gives birth to the child and that is why this phrase is enacted. Still there are ideas that can find the father in this particular case. In my opinion though the necessity is the mother of invention but someone might had given an idea for that invention and that is none other than the inventor himself. So, I would say that inventor is the father of invention. In legitimate terms also it suits alright.
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    The inventor is the father of ivention. No dispute on that.
    For example;
    Father of Atom Bomb - Otto Hahn
    Father of Motor Car - Henry Ford

    The mother and father may be separate and apart before marriage. But when they unite then the creation comes. Inventor plus necessity is equal to invvention. As necessity is te mother, inventor is the father of invention.

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    Well said Umesh and Venkiteswaran Sir, about who is the father of invention. But if the inventor is a lady would you still call her the father of invention? I think it will not be like that. So it's better to regard Idea as the father of Invention.

    There is a little error in the examples cited by Venkiteswaran Sir @#701794. J. Robert Oppenheimer is the father of Atomic Bomb whereas Otto Hahn discovered nuclear fission.


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