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    Good manners are the best gift for our children

    We always appreciate each other and celebrate different occasions by providing gif to each other. Similarly, we always encourage our children by providing gift on different occasions like birthday, children's day, result day, etc.

    What do you give as a gift? We always give some toys, personal items, mobile phone, etc to make them happy. But dear friends, have you ever think that the best gifts which we can give to our children are good manners. The items which we give to them are only for sometimes but good manners will make then happy whole life.

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    I agree with the author that good manners can serve as the best gift, especially when kids are young. They will mould their life in good shape and help them throughout their lives when they face good and bad. The materialistic gift brings happiness but it cannot serve forever. On the other hand, good thoughts and manners taught to children will help them in every walk of life.

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    Good thought by the author and good manners is very important and it is an ornament for the people.
    In my opinion, good manners need not be a gift. We can give them the same as food every day also. Then they will understand the importance of these qualities. They will inculcate those habits and become good citizens. In my opinion, the gift will depend on our capacity. We may give or we may not give that. But food should be given to all kids. It is a necessity. Similarly, good manners are also a necessity for a better life. So let us say it is a must to be given to children by their parents.

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    The mind of children is like a blank slate and if parents want they can inculcate good manners and etiquette in them. It requires patience and dedication to do so but it can be achieved if parents are really serious about it. Once inculcated in the early age these traits go a long way in the life of the children and they are actually benefited by it in their work place or society wherever they interact and communicate with the people. These well behaved and well mannered children get respect in their lives from the peer groups or other people who come in contact with them.
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    Giving them a special gift on happy occasions like their birthday makes them happy and their happiness matters a lot for their parents but as far as gifting them with good manners is concerned it's obligatory on every parents to raise them with good manners.

    Children always emulate their parents because they are their first role models as long as they are not given opportunity to interact with realities of the world but one thing is sure their deep rooted tendency of good manners isn't easily shaken despite undergoing incongruous and unhealthy circumstances.

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    Thereis no dispute about that. Good values,good character and good manners are the best gift for our children.
    We are teaching children these things first. Actually they getthese by imitating us and other elders. So first we have to imbibe andpractice good manners so that children will automatically follow.

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