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    When we change, the world around us changes

    We spend endless hours disapproving about everything around us. It can be about the people whom we meet in our day to day lives or about the circumstances we encounter. We complain as we want to see the transformation in the outer world. However, we have to understand that our complaining only empties our precious energy and does nothing to perfect the state of the world. It remains as it is. We have very little control over other people and the circumstances. However, we have full control over ourselves. Thus, the process of transformation is from within and not from outside to inside.

    Change begins from within just as charity begins from home. Thus, we need to bring inner transformation to evoke change in the outer world. When we change, the world changes. When our thoughts change, our perceptions and way of looking at things change. Ignite the change within which we wish to see in the outer world.

    We will develop compassion and kindness in our minds and hearts if the complete focus is inwards. We will understand others and their points of views. Thus, there will be no clash of viewpoints. There is conflict today as we feel others are wrong and we are right. Compassion will make us realize that others are not wrong but different from us. This will end the conflict and make the world a better place to live.

    Does the process of changing the world begins from the inner transformation, or it has to go the other way around? Do share your viewpoints on it.

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    The things will take the shape as per your thoughts. When you look at an issue with a positive mind, you will find all the positives in the issue. When we look at the same issue with a negative mind we will find all negatives in the issues. When two people hear the words of one person, each of them will understand the same thing in a different way. Let us change our focus our outlook will change and we will notice a change around us. But the change is in you but not in the surroundings. I appreciate the author for this good thread.

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    Every individual is unique and has got certain unique and distinguishable characteristics. In general people would stick to their nature and ways of living. Due to this there is always a resistance to change and until one changes oneself no change would come in the external world. Actually what happens is that the external world does not change what changes is our way to observe it. It is very important the way we perceive the things in this world and that becomes our window to the outside and depending on where we keep that window the outside landscape would change.
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    We see the word as per our vision only. Hence if we change, we see a changed world. Usually the world only reacts to our actions. We are the originators of our actions and get reactions based on them. Our thoughts only ultimately fashion our deed. So we have to fashion our thoughts the way we want to get results from the world around us.

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    Most of the times we feel that this is not correct and that is not proper and things should change to accommodate us but it does not happen. The world would never accommodate us. It would remain as it is and it is only we who have to change. Once we change ourselves, the equations would change and we would feel as if other things are changed.
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    Every one needs a change and we always cherish to see new things happening and new persons in front of us. That is why I like the US elections very much that the parties there harp on change. No leader would be given chance to rule further or extension is given unless and until proved very good. Even in Tamil Nadu the voters have the habit of changing the leaders alternatives and vote for different parties to power. This is good idea as we cannot give full concentration of power to those who may indulge in corruption and nepotism for sure. And a change can also give the guarantee that those who have indulged in corrupt practice would be shown the door with findings. Surely once we change, there would be whole lots of hope around and we want others to change and thus the society and world would change for us.
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    I would like to add that every single person has to bring change within himself/herself instead of craving for a change in the outside world. In this way, it would be easy to see the desired change in the world. Instead of concentrating on others, all we have to do is concentrate on ourselves and evoke the change. When all of us do that, the world will become a better place to live.

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    Every day we are seeing new systems and changes in our life, but we people are not fully involved in it because we are not interested in studying new things. When a new thing comes, at first we disapprove it and later we can see that people will get used to it. Here we can see that at first there was no Fastag and most of them came against this system and later we can see that Fastag helps to reduce the increasing traffic at roads. Like that here in Kochi, Kochi metro started and people were against it and later the government supported the project and the first phase of the metro is getting completed. Like that we people need to change according to new technologies and systems, then only we can improve in our life.
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