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    Is it really a sacrifice?

    The thought is mainly revolving parents but comments are welcome from all. I have seen many parents counting what they have done for their kids and what they have sacrificed to give a better life to their kids. Do you think whatever parents do is a sacrifice? Being a parent, my intension is not to disrespect the parenting but at the same time, I also want to save the children from the burden they are getting after knowing the list of sacrifices their parents have done in their upbringing. Parents do things for their kids for the sake of their own happiness and it makes them feel great if they are able to provide something extraordinary to their kids. Then why make them feel the guilt of what they have not done! I know, many of the parents may not agree with my thoughts, but believe me, many times the kids become very much sensitive about their success and career and even a small failure hit them very hard. It is because, now after knowing the great sacrifices of their parents, they want to return it by creating big success stories and after doing handwork, they cannot accept failure.
    I again emphasize here that my intention is not to hurt the parenthood but to save the growing children's emotions and would like to have your frank views on the same.

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    Parents are duty-bound to nurture and care their wards. While doing so, many parents sacrifice their own comforts in life. They spend all their earning for the betterment of their children. While the poor and the middle-class parents sacrifices for their wards, the rich are not.
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    It is natural for the parents to take care of the children during the growing phase and when they are settled in their career then the parents duty ends. Now there are some cultural issues related to it. In our society it is expected that children should take care of parents when the parents become old. So it is something like repaying the good things done to children by their parents during their childhood. In such relationship parents might be doing the best for their children before their settlement as well as after their settlement in the hope that their old age would pass in peace and comforts. On the other hand in advanced societies parents only help the child till he starts earning or becomes adult enough to do a job and then they do not bother for him as their culture is like that where children do not take care of their parents.
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    It is a different school of thought. We never asked the parents to give us life. But they gave and hence it is their duty to see that we will be well educated and settled in our life. So what they are doing is their duty and nor a sacrifice. But I think this is not correct thinking.
    They strain themselves to see that their children are happy. They may not eat but they see that their children eat well. They may go for normal clothes but they purchase the best possible clothes for their children. A parent always wants their children to be in a better position than them. For that, they struggle.
    My father used to go for a one day tour to the nearby town. His company used to pay him for his lunch. But he used to eat early in the morning in the house and he used to purchase some snacks for us with the money the company gave him for his lunch. When we see such incidents we feel they are sacrificing their lives for their children.

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    I think I had seen this in a comedy scene in a movie. Not very sure. The mother character was telling her son about the nine months he was in her womb and the pain she suffered in labour. The son gets angry and tells her that she always tells about her suffering. But he suffered more than her during those seven months in a small pace without light or air. But he has not told about this any time.
    New generation children know how-to retaliate in same coin. Parents should stop telling about their sacrifices for children.

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    Parents' love for their children is ingrained in them by default. In most of the cases mindset of married couple is changed after the birth of their children. They not only sacrifices every thing for their children but also they forget their own happiness and live for their children only. Their aim becomes to see their children as successful person in future life.

    When their children become adult they must not forget their parents' sacrifices. But one thing is sure that married daughters always remember their parents in contrast with married sons. However, exception isn't ignored.

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    Parents want that their children should get educated and rise in their lives and for that they are ready to do any sacrifice. It is in the nature of the parents. At the same time they should not tell their children that they had done so much for them. Children might not like such talks.
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    Every parent want their child to be on the top of the world and goes one extra mile than others to achieve the task. It may be on the front of education by providing house as the guarantee for taking education loan for pursuing studies in abroad. it may be getting a foreign son in law or the daughter in law as wished by the child. Or it may be going for the loans against all odds and constructing a home for the children to stay and cherish the memories of the parents even after they die. All these are big tasks which every parent want to do and be successful. Invariably the children never give credence of that hard work and help extended by the parents and the children once they get the comforts try to forget the sacrifices of the parents totally and in fact dictate terms once they get married and that greatly hurts.
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