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    Urgently required- A software developer to develop a unique software.

    " This is to bring into the notice of every eligible person that in our world the need of a software developer has arised. Since the need is on an urgent basis, salary won't be an issue. The job of the developer will be - To develop 'A SOFTWARE THAT CAN RETRIEVE THE LOST, DEAD, SEPARATED AND LONELY RELATIONSHIPS' in our world. Anyone who fits in the bill can apply on the given email address."
    Shocked to see this! Today everyone must be but have you wonder how long one would be shocked with this after observing the present day scenario and pondering upon the future.

    Human advancements have always been great and appreciable. They have led us to develop and prosper with times. Comparing the situations when doves and pigeons were the messengers to today's gadgetic era when a message doesn't even take a second to get delivered; every invention has catapulted us to heights. We are connected even to our far- off friends and can get in touch with them anytime and anywhere we want but this advancement has separated apart the virtue of our relationships.
    Prior, there used to be situations when a simple news of fever or disease could make the whole family members along with relatives and neighbors to come to a place just for the sake of asking about the well being of that person. Now, we are sitting together in a single room, texting our far-off friends, updating the feeds on social media for our followers but can't stand willingly to ask for or to give a glass of water to our elders. And nobody can deny this fact because once or many times everybody has does this.
    While playing a video game or a mobile game; we get many spare lives. Even if killed once or twice doesn't matter to us because we know that we have many lives to pass this level. The software developers of these games are really mind blowing persons whose intellectual capabilities can't be compared. They are the live saviors who have the power to give as many lives to a person as he wants to cross a certain level.
    Now the world needs such software developers who can develop a software that can retrieve the broken relationships, the disguised faces, the separated couples and the lonely oldies.
    Hope you have understood my feelings behind posting the above mentioned advertisement for a software developer.
    Hope we soon realize where are we moving towards.

    This is my entry to A Thread A Day Challenge
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    Computer software programs are based on some mathematical and scientific formulas and axioms and at the same time use a lot of logic in them. These programs do work as per their structure and codes provided by the programmer or software engineer. Now the proposition which the author has sought is something beyond science and mathematics and requires some special coding where the psychologists and human behaviour analyst have to sit and make a versatile program which would make a detailed and big questionnaire for the both parties in a broken relationship case and then combine that data with the expert knowledge of the experts and then give feed back to the parties for taking up the corrective measures. As it would be a computer program it would contain a large number of options suggested to the affected parties to repair the broken relationship. I hope it can be done. With time it can be improved also with more and more new data.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Umesh sir,
    Is it really possible to build up such a software?
    Are the humans really devoid of making their relationship worthy ? People have lost themselves so much in the fake social world that they have forgotten the real world and real relationships . Hope we realize it soon.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    I missed this lovely post. I don't know how I slipped this. I don't know where my eyes were.
    There is already a software to rectify the problem and give a solution to it. That software is nothing but LOVE. Quite often, this software gets corrupted that causes disturbances in our life. If this software Love can be maintained well, everything will be perfect in our life. What is essential is - Safety, security and maintenance of the soft ware 'LOVE'

    No life without Sun

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    Sir, your answer is not only correct but absolute also. Love is the the only thing that can rectify the problems in relationships. If we mix this love with a little understanding we would get a perfect relationship. But these days love has also been adulterated with some acts of selfishness and some greed. It is not as pure as nature. That's why the need of such a software has arisen.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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