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    Is the world we live in, really small?

    We have often heard in movies or from strangers when we strike up a conversation and discover that we share some staggering connections. The person may be from our neighboring area/locality, a long relative, have studied in the same school/college or we have spoken with each other earlier. On discovering this, we utter the same famous movie dialogue, " Duniya gol ke sath choti bhi hai" which means " the world is not only round but even small."

    If we love traveling or even have traveled on a long route, such incidents are bound to happen or even for people who shift their locations for work, education, etc that we meet many people whom we knew but were not in touch. When we get to know of the connections, we feel relieved as we get time to know them better and even a sigh of relief as someone is there to interact.

    This can also be related to a new technology called the internet. With smartphones in every hand and internet in it has made the world so small that you get every information about any corner of the world on your fingertip.

    What do our members and readers feel? Is the world really small or is the technology making it smaller? Have you ever come across strangers whom you share some unusual connections? Do give your inputs as your comments for others to know.

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    In the earlier days, when we had no transportation and communication facility, the world was small. We did not know anything other than the district.
    When we started the automobiles, trains and flights, the world size increased a bit. We came to know the states and other countries.
    Now with the advent of mobiles and the internet, we see a large world in our pocket-size gadgets.
    The world is big but can be made small to have a look at it.

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    Who said that the world is small as we have not seen even a bit of it. But there are instances where we meet the people somewhere and they connect to our nearest place of birth or staying and thus gets close. In foreign countries the Indian people connect themselves in much way. In fact in Canada the Indian community have the groups on whats app and other social media so that no one can cheat them nor have the guts to tease them being from India. Such groups are having emergency button calling and the person would be rescued and even the police gets note of it. So world is big but we have to get connected.
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    It is true that world is small if you see it online as everything is at your finger tips and you can view anything at any place. But if you go out and want to see the world physically then it is same big world as it used to be before internet. Huge, gigantic and unfathomable.
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    I think' world is small or big ' is a personal view. Some people see this world through their internet so call it as small. Whereas, some people go to other country and see directly this world then call it as big. Actually we are living in technical era where internet facility is so high that we can get information easily throughout world. So some people assume this world as small. Imagine that time when we had no internet and mobile facility then every small distance was assumed as a long distance.

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    We are constraint with responsibility, family, work, health-wise and financially that we may not be able to visit every nook and corner of the world and in that respect, the world is huge, gigantic and widespread but the internet or technology has made it small.
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    I heard people telling that world has become small. They might be telling it in a metaphoric way. But I do not feel that it is so. If I have to go from one place to another I have to book a train or air or hire a taxi and only after some hours I reach to my destination. The world is still like that but only thing is the virtual world has come inside our palm due to internet technology. Virtual world and real world are two separate and distinct entities. They are to be understood in that differentiated way only. They are not same. If we think they are same we are mistaken.
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    These days really the world is very small. During my grandfather's grandfather's days, people used to think that going to Varanasi is like leaving this world only. They used to settle all matters and used to say goodbye to all their relatives and start walking to Varanasi. They may be coming back after darshan or they may be dying on their way. But now today you can start and reach Varanasi and then have your darshan there and come back tomorrow from Hyderabad. Because of these facilities, we can go anywhere in the world and come back safely home. So I feel really the world is very small. When we meet a new person and start discussing with him, if we get a link with him we will say really this world is small.
    We can talk to anybody from any corner of this world to a person on the other corner of the world. You can discuss with him face to face on video. So I think it is real that with the internet the world has become a small village.

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    Yes , our world is small only. As told by a Tamil poet Bharathidasan, 'Ulagme oru koyyappazham athil nee oru sitrerumbu' which means our world is big as much as guava fruit, we are as an ant on that.
    Once I went to the bus stand of Tanjore in Tamilnad and happened to hear the talking of two friends. One who to send of another asked, 'when we can meet again?'. The reply other made me to think. That was, 'this world is small we will meet again shortly'.

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    If we consider actual geographic world with travel angle, it id not at all small. 90% of population on earth may have not seen any country other than the country they live in.

    But when it comes to connecting with minds and people, today the whole world is available on social sites at your fingertips. Indeed, world is so small and shrinking day by day.

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    The world we live-Earth- is small if we compare the whole Universe.
    But after the technology development in communication and transport we say that the world has shrunk. We can communicate from one end to another in real time. We can reach to far corners in short time by air travel. It is still developing and spends are being achieved at unimaginable levels.
    However we are still small, our Earth is still small in the colossal largeness of the Universe. We can reach Moon, but not able to see what is inside our body. So Earth and humans are still small. I think our ancestors Rishis were having more knowledge about the Large universe and hence they kept themselves small with humility and simplicity. Now we feel the world i small because of our bloated Ego only.

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    We meet many people whom we had lost touch and one day accidentally see them in front of us. They can be classmates, relatives, etc and when we meet, the first sentence would be, see -the world is so small. We are in touch with many through social media but when we meet in person, happiness is something much more that cannot be expressed.
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