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    All students should have to purchase a laptop

    Laptops are beneficial because of the technological tools they allow with their portability. They are becoming more prevalent for home use, but several schools are starting to combine them into their classrooms. Numerous benefits are for students using laptops, including more effective and accurate note-taking, faster work and editing, and comfortable group work and study. Laptops offer these benefits to students no matter what their class or age.

    Taking notes by hand can be a time-consuming process. When students have laptops, they can copy their notes instantly into a document. Online note-taking is both faster and more flexible. Digital note-taking enables students to automatically index and arrange their study material, a quick search for data by keyword, and share with others.

    According to The National Writing Project, a project to give students laptops in the classroom in Maine increased student writing achievement.

    80% of the students, while doing a project, said they would like to use their laptops for doing assignments and were more inclined to create their work using their laptop. Also, 75 percent said that laptops helped them to organize better, while 70 percent said laptops helped them improve their work quality.
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    There is no doubt that laptops have made the lives of students as well as the professionals working in organisations comfortable as they move with all their information, projects, and related data in it and access it on the go. It is a wonderful gadget.
    Knowledge is power.

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