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    Boarding school is harmful to students.

    When you're thinking of sending your kid to a boarding school, it's a big decision, so you must thoroughly consider both the possible drawbacks and the potential benefits to your child. Remember that a child going to a boarding school will spend considerably more time there than at a day in regular school, which will influence their cultural and psychical development and educational progress.

    When a child spends his or her time at boarding school, this can result in intense periods of anxiety for children. It leads to tendencies about different things like eating disorders or panic attacks.

    It can happen with the day schools as well; perhaps it is more intense with the boarding school environment. Moreover, during exam times, when all of the children in a particular age feel anxious and concerned, this can rub off on other classmates to create a frenzied situation.
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    It depends on the individual student as what would be the impact on him when he is admitted in a boarding school. There are many students whose personality improves much after this admission.
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    For students who has the compulsion to stay at the school and study as the hosteler need to adjust the life and cannot have the normal life thinking. Yes boarding schools are strict in their rules and regulations and everything happens in time and those who were lazy at home cannot adjust with the boarding school environment. And those possessive children who had depended much on the parents for every need and deed cannot think of staying alone in hostel and thus they feel home sick soon. Moreover the food in boarding schools are routine one and those habituated with taste buds of mothers food cannot cope up at such schools.
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    We cannot generalise that simply. Boarding schools are good for those who make use of it properly. However it should not be taken as a must by those who have the necessary environment and good schools near their home.
    Boarding schools may become necessary for those whose parents may e away either staying together at one place or staying at different places and are subjected frequent movements too. That will affect the student's education and care also. In such cases a good boarding school is a help and may help also. But even after sending children to boarding school, parents should maintain contact with them, visit them or take them along with during long holidays etc. Parents should also closely monitor the child's studies, health and mental wellbeing by interacting with them and their teachers and classmates too.

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    Well, it is not always. I at least know about the Sainik and Military schools, where the classes are generally from 6th onwards. Sainik schools are full-time boarding or residential schools, where the child has to stay the entire period of his education. It is during the vacations that the students are allowed to go home. And yes, on certain ceremonial occasions the parents too are allowed to visit the school. I know a few people who have studied in such schools. From them as well as from other sources, I have come to know that education is really good at such schools. It is not only academics at such schools. Just like in erstwhile gurukuls, the students get to learn a lot many things. They kind of become disciplined and independent human beings capable of leading a life of their own soon after pass out from such schools. No wonder, students from such schools get selected as officers in services such as the armed forces. But then sending their child to a boarding school is not every parent's cup of tea. It requires sacrifice on the part of the parents as well as the child.
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    First of all, I am against this idea of sending children for studies to boarding schools. This happens only with those parents who cannot spend some time daily for their wards. Few children develop aggressive behaviours after they are out of such boarding environment.

    They may learn discipline but how can parents stay without the children. It is a life of joy to stay along and see their tantrums, correct them, care them to build their careers. It is always better if the children are with their parents.

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    There are pros and cons in everything and boarding schools are no exception. First thing is only the parents who can afford it would be able to send their children there. Second important factor is the quality and life in that particular boarding school. It should be a reputed one and there should be strict discipline otherwise there is always a threat that students would fall in a bad company.
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    Boarding schools may not be bad for all. There are students who went to boarding schools and did exceptionally well. But the schools are costly and only rich people can afford such schools. I feel middle-class people should not encourage their kids to go to such schools. The kids will start comparing themselves with the kids of the rich people and start feeling inferior. That may spoil their prospectus as a student and unnecessary complications will develop. I have seen two or three people who did very well in normal schools. after joining in such schools they lost their enthusiasm and performed badly.
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