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    Maintaining an achieved status is equally important as that of achieving it

    When we work hard for some objective then depending upon the circumstances and competition we sometimes get success also and celebrate it. It could be anything like passing in an exam, passing in an entrance exam, getting a job, a promotion, or something of that sort. This success brings a change in our status and we are seen with changed eyes by the people. My observation is that once this new status is achieved then it becomes necessary to maintain it as due to the cut throat competition in this world it is possible that someone might again go ahead of us in this race and we lag behind. So, maintaining an achieved status is also equally important. What do you think about this?
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    When we achieve something we should stand by it. For example if we have achieved the status of a doctor by profession and got the necessary degree , then we should start practicing at the right earnest. There cannot be fear factor or something. A doctor needs to open up and the patient must feel personal touch with the doctor so that every details of the problem be revealed to arrive at the right diagnose and the treatment thereof . Here the doctor has proved and maintaining his status and the patient also maintaining the status. And those who achieved the status will always cherish the great moments of their achievement.
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    My contention was that just sitting on the past glory would not help us and we would have to toil continuously for maintaining the status as well as to make efforts to move ahead on the ladder.
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    Achieving a height is easy, but sustaining that height is not easy. Holding to a position for long may be quite difficult unless one goes on updating and equipping oneself for every new coming challenge. When one is at peak then the direction is only downward. That can be quite de-motivating. That is why it is said 'it is lonely at the top'. One has to manage with caution.

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    Achieving success on the first attempt is often seen as a lucky break by many but when you maintain your success or can achieve success every time, it becomes your achievement or trend. When you are consistent in your work and achieve success every time, people will follow you. Some people get high after getting success at their first stroke that they forget to maintain it and in that stand, the next person moves ahead of us in this race. By the time we can understand it, it gets too late and people will start whispering about our success as a coincidence. As it is important to succeed, it is also important to maintain the achieved status/success with the constant approach and hard work.
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    We all know about ISO certification. Initially, when they have to give us the certificate they will do the certification audit. In that, they will see the systems existing in the organization and see whether they are matching the requirement of ISO certificate. Once they match, the auditors recommend the certificate to the organisation and the certification agency will give us the certificate. With that, the matter will not end.
    Once a year, the certification agency will send the auditors to see whether all the systems are being followed in full or not. This is known as the Surveillance audit. If the auditors find that we are failing in maintaining the system, they will ask the agency to withdraw the certification. So to have the ISO certification status you have to maintain the status what you achieved in the certification audit.
    This is an example of the quotation given by the author in this thread.

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    It is true that achieving success and promotions is really good, but just sitting on overlaying eggs will not have any impact on our life. We will not learn anything from our mistakes. If a person who has passed his Engineering must find jobs in his concerned specialisation and must prepare for competitive exams for getting placed in reputed firms. Just sitting and enjoying any success earned in the past will not have any impact on us. My personal opinion is that work on our tight schedules and finds something good in the career profile and it will help you in long term planning.
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    It is agreed that the achieved status should be continued but this act requires consistency, prolonged investigations and effort without disturbances which may not be possible always for a few people. To maintain the degree of status one needs additional calibre, time and consciousness too.
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    There is a lot of competition in the world and it is not necessary that if we gain something today then it would remain with us for always. It is like a trophy of the tournament. The team which plays well will take it home.
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    Yes, there is a cut throat competition in all the fields and once we are crowned with the success, we become complacent. This attitude of complacency would push us back from further progress. Hence to remain ahead of others we have to plug the deficiency at all stages and if necessary take the help of others to pinpoint the same. There should be a continuous attempt to eliminate the same. Tension alone would not help in achieving our goals towards success.

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