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    One skill glad not to have!

    We sometimes wistfully wish to have some talent or skill that we noted in somebody else. For example, your friend will have a flair at sketching while all you are good at is drawing stick figures. Your colleague is able to fix some glitch in the computer system at the office even without actual technical expertise, and you wished that you at least had some basic knowledge of the software used. You even look up videos online or read about sketching and software, but somehow that aptitude to understand may be lacking.

    Let's look at the other side of the coin. Is there one skill or talent that you are happy you do not have? I'll tell you what's the one I'm glad not to have a little later, after some responses come in.

    Note that this thread is just for light relief and enjoyment and not to undermine anyone's abilities.

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    Gossip is listed under social skill. I see people around me busy in spreading the words, and in the process, they get in trouble. Sometimes, they hurt their friends and close ones for revealing their secrets. Thus, I am glad that I do not possess this skill of gossipping.

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    I don't have the skill to feel jealous of others' skills. I am satisfied with all the skills I have. I appreciate other's skills. I wonder about others' skills. Never ever I felt jealous about others' skills. I am very glad that I don't have that skill.
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    I lack the skills required for bargaining or window shopping and I am happy with it. People usually say that girls or women are good at bargaining but I am not good at that. I even hate wandering from one shop to another for window shopping. I have many friends who go out for shopping not because they want to buy something but because they have nothing else to do. In my case, most of the time, I prepare the list of items in advance and then accordingly go to the shop, select items, make payments and come back home.

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    While I was a teenager, I used to watch in awe those elders who smoked and sent out the smoke through nose. They also sent out smoke in swirls. Such people were having a sort of heroic aura. At that time I felt inferior and told myself that after I grow up I also would do so even better. But later I forgot that entire thing and became aware of the harmful effects of smoking. I am happy now that I did not learn or have the 'smoking' talent.

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    I am not referring to emotions like jealousy or a bad habit like smoking or a social activity like gossipping, but actual skills.

    What I am really glad I don't have is the skill to use both hands simultaneously not just for two different tasks but also at the same task. I am afraid that if I had this skill to type efficiently with both hands independently, I would be using one hand on each of two side by side laptops to work at ISC!!

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    Even if you are gifted with a talent or skill to type two laptops with two different hands, you won't be successful. You cannot do a double job at a time. The keyboard layout is for one pair of hands. 10 fingers are needed to type fast in a keyboard. I am sure, you cannot type fast with five fingers on one keyboard. A vague thought, I must say.

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    I completely lack the skill of fixing the issues of electricity like mending the fuse wire, indicators, fixing the earthing wire etc.
    Although this is a basic thing and almost everybody knows about these things but I am the only member in my family who lack this skill of dealing with small electricity problems.
    I am happy with this because every time a problem occurs and someone in the family fixes it, they come and tell me,' You are never going to learn this, right?" While speaking this they smile and for that smile and a loving conversation I am ready not to learn this skill throughout my life.
    I am happy I lack this skill.

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    I am satisfied with my talent and skills and I don't over peep into other business people. If we are born then we will have good talent and skill which God has created for us. Also don't compare with other people, because each of them will be having different skill set and talent.
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    Be it any skill I noticed in any of my friends or family, I am never ever glad NOT to have it. Whenever I notice any such skill that my acquaintance person is having but I am lacking, I usually try to get some tips to learn the skill if possible. And if learning that particular skill is not at all possible then I simply appreciate the person and leave it.
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    It is just an idea of a possible skill that can be developed because I do know of people who can type fast with just four fingers, namely the thumb and first finger of both hands. So suppose somebody developes this skill to type simultaneously with each hand on the side-by-side laptops - a fascinating thought to consider and not necessarily a vague one.

    Deepti Shriram made an interesting remark, about wanting to try and learn a skill of somebody else through tips, especially if that is some useful skill.

    Monika, very few people know about fixing electricals and electronics, me included. The least that I can do is put in a bulb or a tubelight in their holders.

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    Most of the women and men are very good drivers, be it a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler. They manage to drive from a very young age starting from cycle, luna and later move on to four-wheelers.
    I am glad that I do not have the driving skill. I had been guided two to three times but I could not follow. It is presently good for me, as I get a chance to sit cool and go on a jolly long ride most of the time. Being this the reason I had to manage groceries and kids who always accompanied me.

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    While I am having the skill of convincing anyone to my fold but I am always having a enmity with those who draw the very good sketch, drawing or even big canvas. I particularly envy the sand artists who have the niche to bring in the current trending topic through their creative sand sculpture. Though the sand creations be there for few hours, but the impact they create once shared on the social media is huge and the following is great. I am the close follower of Sudharshan Patnaik who creates lots of instant sand sculptures and that is very impressive. He created wonderful creation for the corona lock down.
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    Some people talks round and round around the main matter and do not talk on the main point. Actually, I am lacking this. I am a straightforward person and always talk on any matter directly. However, sometimes I feel that fencing around any talk is also an art because these people can fulfil the task very easily. But unfortunately I am lacking in this art.

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