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    Importance of our National Symbols

    The National Symbols are very important for every nation of the world. They give a unique distinctiveness to a nation from rest of the world. They are created to create a feeling of unity which represent nation's people, values, goals and history. These symbols which infuse feelings of patriotism, are designed to be inclusive and as a representative of all the people of the country irrespective of their colour, language, culture, religion, caste and creed.

    India too has got its own national symbols like national anthem, national bird, national flag, national flower, national, tree, national calendar, national song, national fruit and the national animal of India. These national symbols signify the unity in diversity in India.

    These symbols are not just a matter of pride for us, but also to be cherished and preserved by all of us. The symbols have a rich Indian history and signify the cultures and traditions that have been passed on to us from the earlier generations.

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    Recently I saw a small video clip wherein a Peacock is being covered by a cloth (seemingly a Tricolour) by two Khaki clad persons. The comment showed it was a dead Peacock and as Peacock is our National bird it is being given an honourable final journey as per protocol by two policemen. I could not verify and confirm the veracity and fact of the matter.
    I know that we should honour the national flag national symbols etc and not cause any dishonour to them.
    In fact they give us our special identity and belonging wherever we may be. The Tricolour and sound of Jana Gana Mana will send goose pimples and we feel a strange emotion surging in us especially when we are in another country, even if the event is a sports game or some other event

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    Thanks for informative reply. Also I feel unexpressable feelings while listening national anthem especially on foreign soil in any sports event.

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    When a cricket match is scheduled with our team with another team in a foreign country, before starting the match both teams assemble in separate rows and sing the National Anthems of the two participating countries. When we listen to that Anthem we will fell proud that our National Anthem will be listened to by so many people all over the world.
    Same is the case when we see our National flag flying high after it is unfurled. I have also seen the Video referred to in the above reply. They used a National flag to cover the body of the dead peacock. This is the procedure one has to adapt to honour the dead body of a National bird.

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    National symbols depict the identity of a nation. Children are taught from a very young age to respect the national symbols. Its importance and detailed information are provided by parents and teachers to build knowledge.

    We all recognise other nations mainly with the national flag. An individual should have the respect to these national symbols thus embarking patriotism.

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    It is true that wherever we live whether it is home or a foreign country the citizens always give tribute for their national symbols. Whether it is in India, before the sports match starts, the national anthem is sung by the whole team. It is good to understand the importance of our symbols and the young generation needs to be educated on how to behave properly in the public.
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    National symbols are a matter of pride for all of us and wherever we are working whether in our own country or in any other country, we feel nice to mention them as our national symbols. Every nation has it and the people of that nation are having a hidden sentimental and patriotic connection with them. They are a sign of our heritage and culture and representative of the place we belong to.
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