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    Finding fault with others is easy.

    Many people try to find fault with others. They will do that to criticise them and unpopular them. But before doing that one should know their faults and weaknesses. Pointing out others is easy. But we will forget that when you are pointing a finger towards somebody the other four fingers will be pointing towards you only.

    That is why elder people say that finding fault is very easy. If you want we can find faults with everybody. The people who have a habit of finding fault with others will never understand the faults they do.

    So let us all make a point to know our faults first before finding out other's faults.

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    It happens when we analyze everything and everyone outside. But we hardly care about doing self-analysis. It is a complete waste of time. We can continue doing it for our entire life and yet achieve nothing. Instead of finding other's faults, if we work every day to improve ourselves, we will better ourselves every day.

    Also, what seems to be faulty from our point of view can be right for the other person. I am right and others are wrong is a type of control which we usually carry out throughout the day. Something right for me does not have to be right for everyone else. If we believe in this concept, we can make our lives much simpler.

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    We all can see others' back, but we cannot see our own back. A fault is just like the backside of a person that is not visible to self but clearly visible to others. You need a mirror to see your faults or a person to tell your faults. What else can be said more than this to prove your post?
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    When we say that some people have a habit of finding faults in others, we are among them because we are on counting their faults. So, it is better to not bother about what others are doing or saying and focus on our own work. This will definitely improve us.

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    Padmini, The same matter I think I conveyed in this thread. What is happening outside was told. But I have never told specifically that so and so did this mistake. Anybody can do a mistake. But knowing their own mistakes and coming out of that is great quality.
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    Humans have this trait of finding faults with others as they would like to show off that if they had done that thing, such errors would not have happened. This is indirectly a way of boasting oneself. Most of the times these people who find fault with others either do it due to sheer jealousy or lack of understanding of the things about which they are commenting. Finding fault is in bad taste and one should understand that it only makes our reputation low in the society as people know that such and such person is habitual of talking in a negative way about the other persons.
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    To escape ourselves we like to blame and find fault with others. This is because it is not easy to own up one's mistakes and faults. But when one is assured that they will not be victimised or ridiculed for the mistakes and faults, or unnecessarily ridiculed but only helped to rectify, then people will start owning up their mistakes.
    Owning up one's errors and faults needs inner courage.

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    There is a verse in the Bible, the Gospel of St. Mathew, Chapter 7 verses 5, "You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye." This is an apt quote that explains what we normally do. It is not that we are clean but we too find it easy in finding faults in others. We blame our parents, spouse, children, friends and even society for everything that is happening but do not take time to look within ourselves or inside us. As mentioned by the writer, it is easy for us to point out the mistakes of others as it helps us to cover our faults or mistakes and go away without being blamed. When we try to find fault in others, they too try to find fault in us and in the game we are just focusing on the negatives of others instead of the good they have. Let us try to cover their faults by helping them change and even help ourself and change for the betterment of us and society.
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