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    Match or mismatch, which is your choice?

    We all dress up exclusively for various occasions. Ladies have a fantasy to follow the colour pattern stated as matching. It was a trend earlier to wear a matching blouse relating to the colour of the saree, mostly worn in religious functions.

    Nowadays, they love to wear mismatched pattern with contrast colours. It has changed to a colourful pattern. The young boys and girls to like to wear different colours for the two sleeves and a contrast colour for the body of the T-shirt.

    Which is your choice? Do you like to follow match or mismatch pattern?

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    We are changing fast in all arenas of our life. May it be food, dress, culture, behaviour, respect. Colour is one such thing that is very attractive and pleases the minds of the people. In the olden days, people wanted to be simple but beautiful. The present-day generation wants to look beautiful with horribles, especially with the dresses they wear with mismatching combinations. Earlier, there were only very few colours. Now the number of colours have multiplied. Always there is a confusion to select the best colour out of the colours available for selection.
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    It is just random selection for me. Whatever comes I will wear. However I will wear according to the purpose. For example, while in job when I was needed to attend courts in official matters, I took care not to wear coloured and checks shirts. In such laces I used to wear only light coloured and sober looking fit shirts. Mostly it will be plain or with very thin stripes.
    Otherwise I do not bother much about match or mismatch as most of my dress look similar only. Somehow after every selection I end up with those serotype colours and patterns only.

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    I rather love to wear light colours for morning functions and dark coloured for wedding receptions.
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    I want to dress as simple as possible. A T-shirt and a dhoti is my preferred dress these days. But Dhoti is a little inconvenient as I am not having the habit of wearing it. So I am going with a pant and T-Shirt. Light colour pant and a dark colour T-shirt is my choice.
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    T-shirts give really look good for the journey and full sleeve shirts are my husband's interest. Light colours and black pants can be visible to encourage almost all gents.
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