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    How will you drive when its past comes in your front.

    My answer will be, I will stop and keep to a side and allow it to pass.
    Your answer may be different. But read more, you can answer correctly.
    The tile though puzzling is just a pun on the words drive and drove. While fun is related to people, with words, it is pun. Punning helps us to enhance and enrich our vocabulary while enjoying too.
    Drove, which is past tense of drive is also a noun denoting a group or flock of animals.
    So the decoded title question is how you will drive when a drove of animals comes in front of your vehicle. The answer can vary. Pun with words is a real fun.
    In early days scholars used to indulge in punning to show their knowledge and testing each other. Two Malayalam scholars were going to take bath in a pond. On getting near the pond one says" Kari kalakkiya Kulam"(Pond is dirtied with charcoal); then the other opposes and retorts " Kalabham kalakkiya kulam"( Sandal mixed pond).
    They were punning on the words "Kari" and "Kalabham". While Kari means charcoal, Kalabham means Sandal. But both words also meant Elephant. The word kalakkiya can mean dirtied or mixed with. Actually an elephant had dirtied the pond. Hence both were correct, but one hearing them without knowing the pun will be puzzled.
    Have I driven the point right?

    (TOW Contest entry)
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    Some puns and funs with word drive, I found in the net.
    Who can drive all their customers away and still make money?
    Taxi drivers.
    When is a car not a car?
    When it turns into a driveway.
    A computer technician says : "I was progressing well until I lost the drive"

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    Good use of pun for the word contest "Drive". You are right by stating that "Punning helps us to enhance and enrich our vocabulary while enjoying too." One needs to have a good understanding of using words to play with it. The example you stated above - Kari kalakkiya Kulam" and " Kalabham kalakkiya kulam" where Kari means charcoal while Kalabham means Sandal but both refers to Elephant too. If one is not well-versed with vocabulary or language, he/she may not be able to understand or even enjoy it.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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