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    Little imperfection has its own beauty

    The world is running after perfection. Men, women and young girls and boys all believe in being perfect, especially in connection to their dressing style, their eating habits, gait, speaking manner and other personal traits. Life is not an academic examination paper that we have to score full marks. Such examinations prepare us for our educational degree as well as for profession too. While on the other hand, a little flaw in our looks, style, or posture is neither demeaning nor going to hamper our lives.

    If there is a striking drawback in anyone's appearance or habits, then one may develop some complex, which should be taken care of, but a minor shortcoming cannot be a big problem. One must overlook minimum unusual flaws because it gives an inferior complex. Life is to enjoy to its fullest and not to count on the defects. One must learn to utilise the little imperfections in their favour. These have its charm, such as wearing a spectacle is not awkward that people should opt for contact lense. People start using a wig for being bald or have less hair. There are many examples when people for minor shortcoming take various medical help and whatnot. It's better to take them smartly in one's stride. It makes them genuine, which adds beauty to their personality.

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    We seek for perfection but we do not achieve it. Nothing is perfect in this world. We only conjecture it. I fully agree with the writers contention that we should not take small or minor shortcomings in our get up or appearance as that is not a significant thing in life. What is worth is our knowledge, status, will to work, confidence, and will to excel in life. We have to move ahead with those attributes and the whole world would follow us. When an elephant walks in the territory, no one sees how thin or thick its legs are. People just push themselves to the side to give way.
    Knowledge is power.

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    If something is perfect, then there is no way for improvement. That is stagnation.
    Hence a little of imperfection is needed. I have heard that some of the best artistes and crafters used to put an extra drop of paint r an extra abrasion somewhere not noticeable by the viewers. This is because it is their belief that only God can make thing perfect. As humans they should not have the ego of having created something perfect.
    This is also seen in the case of cute babies whose mothers place a small black spot with Kajal or eyebrow pencil on their chin. But ultimately that black spot will become a beauty enhancing 'beauty spot'. A small protruding tooth when a girl laughs, a dimpled chin- all are beauty in their own way. So, a little imperfection has its own beauty.

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    It is about loving a person no matter what fault or shortcoming he/she has. When we love a person, his/her imperfection attracts us towards them and we enjoy that little imperfection in them. When our children dance without knowing, we like them doing it, when our parents are dozing, we like them or even their action. When we have our chatty partner but you hated too much talk and starts enjoying their talk. You may even tell them to speak when they stop as you have started loving or liking it. In love, you get attracted due to the little imperfection that your partner has that make him/her different from the lot. We can enjoy the little imperfection if we want to but many are so tailor-made or follow of rules that find it odd or unacceptable to enjoy the little imperfection in a person which when seen from another angle is worth loving.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    Umesh Sir, Venkiteswaran Sir, and Varghese,

    Thanks a lot for having a similar opinion. There are so many twists and turns in life that it's crazy to manage them according to our wishes. Thus, why to bother about minor imperfections! Let's accept it happily.


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