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    India Prime Minister on LAC is a strong statement

    Today morning our honourable PM Narendra Modi reached Ladakh. He observed LAC situation with army senior officials. Modi ji also visited the army hospitals and boosted morals of the army professionals who got injured in the recent truffle with China.

    In this time of corona and war-like situations, it is really appreciate that our Prime Minister is not resting in comfort of his home. But he is indeed being present on the places where he is needed the most.

    I really appreciate the way our honourable Prime Minister Modi ji is handling situations at every front. I am so proud to be an Indian under such great leader.

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    Whatever happened on the border was an unexpected and unfortunate incident. The instruction is that the soldiers should not use their firearms against the other forces. When the cunning Chinese soldiers played foul by attacking our unarmed officer, our Jawans could not tolerate and swung into action to take revenge against the Chinese soldiers without any instruction from anyone. Such is the befitting response and a bravery act. Indian soldiers have fought and sent many Chinese to hell without firing a single bullet. Though we lost a few lives, this act deserves appreciation. It is right for Modiji to visit the site and say Sabash to the Bravehearts who did not allow the Chinese to intrude into our land. Modi's visit to Ladakh and Leh keeps up the morale of our Army officers and jawans.
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    Our present Prime Minister is a man of action. He went to the soldiers and appreciated them and motivated them by saying that the whole nation is with them. He is a role model for many people. Many countries are ready to support us if there is any war with China. Even then he never unnecessarily provokes people and do damage.
    He is like Yudhistara of Pandavas who won the Kurukshetra before starting itself with his shrewdness. He obtained blessings from the opposite side also.
    I think we are on the right track. Anyhow, we should be alert and our soldiers should be ready to fight at any moment. Prime Minister is handling the present situation with a lot of concentration, I think.

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    Mr.Sun I salute to you for deriving the new word "Modivation" as an appreciation and respect towards our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji. His strong actions show his love towards the nation and the army prominently.
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    Dr.Rao I agree that our Prime Minister is man of action. But I would like to add that he is a great strategic planner and thinker too. More than Yudhishtira, I assume he resembles more to Krishna.

    The way he developed relationships with other nations and used their support to bend China in this need of hour, his strategic intelligence is proven. As Lord Krishna did strategic planning and the pandavas fought and won, same way our PM Modi is planning all the strategies and winning on every front with the help of every Indian officials.

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    During a war, what is very important is the morale of the fighting force. If there is no morale, the nation would lose its men and get defeated. In that aspect, India's defence morale is up. In the past, even Saddam Hussain of Iraq has praised our Indian Army. We should feel proud that we have a bold and courageous Prime Minister who will not let the other countries intrude into our territory. Though he loves peace with our neightbours, he will rise like a tiger if they create a problem to us.
    Modi never fails to visit places to boost the morale of the people. Despite Corona, our force is safeguarding our territory with patriotic spirit.
    Modi's modivation is great.

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    In international relations, certain acts and reactions work as signals and become louder and clearer than powerful speeches and press statements. Even the body language of the national leaders and to officials are all observed and many inferences drawn.

    PM's Visit to the border areas especially when there is some tension in the border goes a long way in boosting the morale of our armed forces as well as a strong signal to those across border that we mean business. Top most leader of the country will not undertake such missions unless there is a strong decision after weighing all options, in the back and concurrence from all political quarters. That is why it becomes significant and strong.

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