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    If you were to become an artist for a day, what mural would you want to paint?

    I am not good at art but I'm sure art doesn't require perfection. A beautiful masterpiece is worth a thousand words and can take us to a different world in a train of thoughts. Looking at a few paintings and painters, my heart just wants me to pick up a paintbrush and delve into the ocean of unfathomable imagination. But only in reality, I know that it's not my cup of tea.

    Yet the effort counts. Standing at my balcony on a beautiful night, thinking a lot, I got reminded of the scintillating quote by one of the famous impressionists - Vincent Van Gogh-"I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day and the sight of the stars makes me want to dream." There's something about stars which makes even a grumpy old man stare at it with childlike amazement.

    If I were to paint, I would paint the tiny twinkling dots, the rings of Saturn, a giant basketball like Jupiter, the planets yet to be discovered and the galaxies which are lightyears away from us and which are constantly reminding us to do whatever our heart wants in this lifetime.

    Let me ask a question- How about you? If you were to become an artist for a day, what mural would you want to paint?
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    No doubt, I am an Artist. In the past, I have drawn and showcased my artistic skills at ISC, and received applauds and appreciations. When I drew the images of few ISC members as visualized by me, It was objected. Henceforth, I stopped my art and put an end to my artwork at ISC.

    Since you have raised this thread, If I get a brush and a few colours to paint, I would paint a scenery that would please our heart. Attaching a sample scenery (courtesy Maxrex).

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    I don't have any artistic talent. I cannot draw a straight line even with a scale. So where the drawing of Mural comes?
    I console mysef that I may be having many hidden talents which do not get a chance to come out!

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    I am not an artist, but if being blessed with that skill even for a day, I would utilize complete 24 hours in painting everything that is in nature. Sky, stars above, hills, trees and everything beautiful and mysterious has always caught my attention. I would like to transfer that on paper.

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    I have interest in drawings, natural sketches and portraits but I am not an expert. Sometimes I use simple pencil to express my feelings on a white paper or cardboard. Landscapes are always an attraction for me since my childhood as we used to walk a lot in that hilly area where I was living. If I have time and opportunity to draw or paint something the my choice would be to depict a deep landscape where we can see the far off fields, jungles and nearby meadows etc. On the horizon I might show some light reflecting from the sun and a few small houses in the valley down below.
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    Oh my God artist in me is difficult to imagine but If I am being done as artist for a day surely I would become the Ravi Varma to emulate his choicest paintings of those days. Most of his paintings were based on social aspects with much details on the looks and inner aspects of the character and surroundings and I bet no other painter can give you such wonderful feel of the natural painting which looks more natural. Though his paintings were of Indian sensibilities, his approach to the paintings in detail as acquired instant International fame and even the foreigners were highly impressed by his works and I want to emulate him toto.
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    I have a lot of liking for painting and drawing. But unfortunately, I am not good at both. My PhD guide who is a Professor in chemistry is also a very good painter. He did many paintings and in Andhra University gallery there are many of his works. He was facilitated many times for his painting works. He used to spend daily 4 to 5 hours in that only. I used go and sit with him to discuss the subject. He used to participate in the discussion while continuing his painting work. I used to think about why I never practised this.
    After seeing this thread I remembered those days. If I become an artist a day I want to draw the sketch of my Guru and paint with beautiful colours.

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    It is difficult for me to become an artist and my talents in art is not good, but I can do my creative skills and showcase here in ISC. If I get a chance to paint, I would paint a world which gives more peace and problem-free life. For an artist, he has gone to his inner heart and must feel the beat in it.
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