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    Doles and donations in excess destroy the drive of people

    Charity is a virtue and noble character. Daanam(or Daana) is a Dharma or a noble duty as per Hindu scriptures. A man should earn by honest means and spend a part of it in charity. When it is done without expecting any return only, it becomes Daana. It is similar in Budhism and Jainism too. For Muslims Zakat is very important. Bible and Christianity also see Charity as duty and service to God.
    Hence it was always desired, as better to give than receive.
    Generally majority of people have a tender mind and would be kind and helping to the poor and needy. However the old order has changed. The soft feelings are nowadays exploit. Now many consider someone's charity as their right to get. It has become a way for escaping and avoiding hard work and indulges in easy pleasures. That is why many fake as poor or sick or invalid and beg.
    Crisis situations prompt many genuine charity activities. There are genuine people who deserve the doles and donations. However there are many fakes also among them, cleverly using the crisis situation. They actually are not poor but somehow corner a lot of such doles and donations by various means.
    The governments keeping the real welfare of people in mind had formulated many schemes. They help the genuine also. However there are still quite lot people who had to be weeded out from cornering the undeserved benefits. I am not elaborating. You all may know more in this regard.

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    Yes, it is true. In our Telugu states, many people who are working in government offices are getting white cards by providing false information to the government. By that, they get free ration, eligibility for free government schemes, pensions, and most importantly free health care facilities in Corporate hospitals. I have seen many times those who are using cars also getting such facilities which are meant for people. Even modern technologies and Aadhar identifications are there, still, governments were not able to stop the corrupt practices of culprits. If you want to donate anything it is better to donate reliable institutions like Ramakrishna mission, Satya Sai Trust, etc. that really spend every paise to the needy.

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    Giving a donation to an undeserved person is considered to be a sin. When you see a person going to a wine shop with the money you have donated to him, you will feel really bad why we donated to him? One day I was standing at a bus stand near a cinema hall. There a beggar is begging for money and he is asking for going for the movie in that theatre. How he expects people to give him money for seeing a movie.
    These days many people who are rich also are not showing their income and try to get free sops from the government. They never think that they are deceiving the government and the authorities who are giving those free items will never think that by doing so they are making some really deserving people not to have those items.
    By seeing such issues some times we may be denying the requests of some people who really deserve some donation from us.

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    Thanks Ramakrishna and Rao for your comments.
    Recently I had an experience. Covid time relief was being given to the economically affected people. The relief was from a local organisation. Ten kilos of rice was distributed to a deserving family. After that the organisers were called by two persons asking why they were not included for the special rice distribution.
    The irony was that these two people were being regularly given five kilograms of rice every month and as a special relief two thousand rupees were given to them as Covid time relief. The organisers wanted to give some others who specifically suffered due to lockdown.
    It was also ironical that these two people who complained were having only two members in their home and they also have the governmental subsidy and free grains and grocery kit. The organisation also supplied two masks to each house including theirs.
    This is one things that triggered my thought.

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    It is always seen that the poor are rich in heart and come forward to help whereas the rich are miser to open up and help people in need. If you take any crisis when there stands a need to come forward and help in goods, money and services, we see poor and middle class coming forward to do their little bit to help others. It is assumed that the poor know the value of it and understands the need and come forward to help in whatever way they can. It is not that the rich don't help, many help silently and that is praiseworthy as it is said that, "the left hand should not know what the right hand is giving, especially when doing charity." When there are donation drives taken to help the people in need, many of the goods or money is looted by the people in charge of it or by their people. We come to know that many schemes that were meant for the poor are utilised by the rich or well to do families or people under the name of government or rights. The government need to come up with plans that will eliminate such frauds or middle man and the people gets the benefits of every scheme.
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    If Govt facilities and freebies are disbursed only to the poor and needy then only the real benefit to them would accrue and Govt funds and material will not be misused. For this a very strict compliance or governance is required.
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    Presently people have learnt to build false stories and raise alms, only for their personal benefits rather than support to the needy.
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