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    All we need is a drive

    There are a plethora of things that we want to achieve. Some are as basic as getting up in the morning and others as tough as working throughout the night to reach a little more closer to our dreams. For anything we want to achieve, we need a strong will or a driving force that would keep us hooked to our goal.

    A strong drive is indispensable because there are a myriad of speed breakers on the path that leads to our goals. Many dreams die a silent death, oftentimes taking the dreamers along with them. Sometimes they make noise, increasing the willpower of those who want to achieve something eagerly.

    A lot of times it happens that the wheels of our life start driving themselves on a path different from the one that leads to our goals. Sometimes these are merely distractions and we need to control the reins and get on the proper route. But there are times when a deviation drives us to a better goal and at that time, we must not fret about not achieving what we wanted to achieve. Rather we must work on trying our best to achieve whatever is going to be available to us.

    In short, we must maintain our drive even if life drives us into unknown alleys for our unfaltering drive will only drive us out the unwanted deviation or situation and help us achieve our dreams and/or reach our goals.

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    Yes we must have the drive to initiate anything or achieving anything. The drive should be followed with deft handling of the situation , proper planning and no flaws. The drive must ensure that others benefit out of our moves and there should not be selfish motives. For example during the lock down some enthusiastic people donated food and essentials to the poor, though their inner drive must be appreciated to help the poor, but by inviting the media and the news papers to cover those event, it is clear that the person was more interested to be highlighted than giving the real help.
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    We all need to have a drive life to reach our destination. The drive can be internal or external but without a drive, we won't be able to reach our goal but may just be wandering here and there. It is also to be noted that sometimes our path may take us in a different route that is far extreme from our aim but if we are dedicated and focussed, it may turn out to be a better and more deserving one.

    I happen to remember a story that was published in a souvenir- "The Rope". The story is of a mountaineer who was only a few feet away from the top of the mountain when he slipped and fell at great speed When all of a sudden he felt a rope tied to his waist and his body was hanging in the air. He could not see anything as it was pitch dark, he thought of all the good and bad deeds of his and scream, 'Help me, God.' He heard a voice from above asking him to cut the rope but the man decided to hold on to the rope with all his strength. The next day the rescue team arrived and found his body hanging from a rope only one foot away from the ground. If he would have listened to the voice, he would be saved but he doubted.

    In the same way, when we are taken to another direction from our goal even after our dedication and hard work, remember that the supreme one has a better plan for you and you need to accept that and work towards it. It can be a much better prospective and achievement waiting for you in that lane.

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    Drive is the most important attribute and without this no one would move ahead. Whether there is gain or not from some activity first thing is that we should have a desire to try that and see the result. If the basic desire is not there then nothing would proceed further.
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