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    It always takes two to tango

    In life, particularly between a husband and a wife, it takes two to tango. In other words, there needs to be perfect understanding in whatever they do. If they keep fighting among themselves or engaging in ego clashes all the time, the children are badly affected. There are instances where the children take to violence to simply draw the attention of either or both parents.

    Be that as it may, it is essential that a husband-wife always talk everything in an atmosphere of peace and sort out their differences. Either before bed, when the children would be fast asleep or on the weekends when they would have a little time. The more they get to understand each other, the better.

    However, if one of them is short-tempered and has a habit of showing his or her anger on the other person, in the interest of the family's welfare, the other person should compulsorily remain calm and wait for moments when he or she could gently point out the mistake of the other person and then attempt to make him or her understand.

    This is easier said than done. The only solution is counseling by either parent or by some other elders or even professional counselors. After all, it is always wise to remember that it takes two to tango... Nothing else will work in any given situation.

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    The same is explained in our side as' it needs two hands to clap'.
    This is to say that when there is quarrel even if one decides the quarrel can be avoided. However our ego does not permit us to make a compromise or a little adjustment or accommodation.
    It needs just a spark to ignite and make a big fire. But if we remove either the fuel or heat the fire can be stopped. Similarly if one of the quarrelling people is calm the quarrel can be stopped or prevented.
    Who will bell the cat, is the moot question.

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