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    Moderation in our activities is the key to a satisfying life

    Life is a long journey and we have to do certain things in order to progress ahead and manage our lives in various spheres of activities. In doing so we resort to some practices like Yoga for toning up our bodies, exercises to keep us healthy, good habits to make life disciplined, and some small indulgences here and there to have some fun and frolic in our lives occasionally. We all do it but everything is all right till it is done in moderation. Anything done in excess or addictive ways is a cause for retardation in our lives as obsessive and addictive activities would eat our time and make us their slave cutting down on our performances and efficiencies. So moderation is the key to a peaceful and satisfying life. Those who can do things in moderations are the real winners. For example medically it is said that drinking in moderation is beneficial to health but same thing done in excess becomes a curse for the family and life of the person. What are your view on this?

    My 4th entry (posted on 4th July 2020) for the thread a day contest.
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    Excess of everything is bad. Any addiction is as bad as any other obsession. Everything works fine when done in moderation. There should be balance in our lives as regards to various activities and these are to performed in the proper mix for god results.
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    How much we have to eat for a healthy life, that much only we should eat. Eating more or less than that is not good for health. Similarly, we should know how much time we should spare for a certain activity and we can't waste more time there for that activity. Maybe I should take this and think how much time I should spend on this ISC so that I feel that I am moderating m activity.
    I know a person who is a chain smoker. He used to light his next cigarette with the previous cigarette. He died very early in his life at 40 years of age. He might have lived for some more if he consumed fewer cigarettes. Same is the case with spending only. As we have money spending too much today without thinking of the future may prove to be the worst issue when you find that there is no money with you when you really require for a real problem.
    Too much is never advisable.

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    Anything in excess is not good. The proverb says that even Amrut will become poison is consumed in excess. There should be moderation in everything.
    That is what our traditional wisdom says as "Mitatwa". Ayurveda and Yoga also suggest Mitaahaara- moderation in food. Moderation or 'mitatva' in enjoying the pleasures also is needed to have a healthy and happy life.
    We should practice moderation in words and deeds too.

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    By moderation one can achieve balance in the life and balance is necessary for peace and happiness.
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    An addiction or anything in excess is dangerous. It is said that even love in excess is precarious. When you love a person, you become obsessive that it starts hurting them. Anything and everything when done in moderation is good and healthy. An exercise in excess can injure a person but when done on a limit is very beneficial to health. Drinking water is beneficial but in excess is not good. Playing sports is good for health but in excess can make you tired. Sound music for some time is melodious but after a certain period, it becomes a headache. Spicy food is tasty but in excess is dangerous to our body. In the same way, anything that we do needs to be in its limit that may help us and not harm us. It is rightly said that moderation in our daily activities is the key to a satisfying life. Let us not get addicted to anything but enjoy everything in moderation to enjoy our life.
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    Moderation does not mean restriction, it is only a method to keep our indulgences in a balanced way.
    Knowledge is power.

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