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    Keep learning every day from every one

    Learning is the continued process and those who says that they are well qualified and achieved all the extensions of education and knows everything is the fool. Like the Medical field never ends in innovation and new researches through which new medicines are found, the education in all fields are the unending process and we are students to learn every new information in education from one and all. Even a small child has some information which we may not know and that is also additional information for you. So never get tired or retired in terms of education.

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    A thread a day challenge 4th July 2020
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    Yes, Mr. K Mohar. you are right. Learning is a continuous process and we have to learn something from everyone. I am a teacher and I learn many things from my students in the classroom. The knowledge is like an ocean and the knowledge we have is like a drop of water.

    It is said in our religion that we have to learn many things in the grave.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Learning is endless process. You can learn whole life until you are alive. It is true that knowledge is like an ocean. We can learn something from everyone either they are educated or not. We can achieve knowledge in every walks of life. Learning is no age bar. It is not limited upto small age group only. I noticed that grown up person are seen learning from small child on special moment. Our life would be short if start learning. But we should have required knowledge which is necessary for life.

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    I agree with the author. Learning never ends. Irrespective of enormous knowledge and perfection we have achieved in one or more fields, there will always be something that we are ignorant of. If we have closed the doors of learning and have developed know it all attitude, it is our loss. Instead, we should welcome the knowledge from everyone and at all the time. It is possible only if we are good listeners and have not shut down the learning process in our lives.

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    As long as we are hungry to learn more and more we keep on opening new mysteries but when begin to assume to have learnt everything our progress is stopped.
    We are students and we must always be students as learning is the never ending process

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    Always we have to think about the knowledge that what we possess is simply a drop in the ocean and then only we can learn new things. We can learn so many things from others who come across us in everyday life. We can learn new things from not only educated people but also from our maidservants, drivers, shop keepers, vegetable vendors, etc. I appreciate the author for bringing a good thought in the form of a thread.

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    There is no end to Education. Education is like a vast ocean. No one has crossed the ocean. In our life, we all are students. Even a professor or lecturer or teacher or master is also a student. No one on this earth has mastered the complete education.

    Avvayaar, a great and learned Tamil poetess, was tested by Lord Muruga. While he as a shepherd boy was sitting on a Jamun tree, the old lady came under the tree to rest for a while, after walking many a mile. Lord Muruga asked her, "O, Old Lady, You seem to be tired. Do you like to eat some Jamun fruit? Avvayar said, " Okay. Give me some." Muruga asked her, " Dear Lady. Do you want Hot Jamun or cold Jamun? The old lady wondered to hear about hot and cold fruit and said, " Are their hot and cold fruits. I wonder. Anyway, give me some hot fruits." Lord Muruga shook the tree branches and the Jamun fell on the sandy ground. The old lady took some fruits and started blowing her mouth to remove the sand particles over the fruit. On looking at this, Muruga asked, " What old lady, Is the fruit very hot?
    Avvayar felt insulted that a small shepherd boy has defeated her by his words of knowledge.

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    Learning is a continuous process and there is no end for this. This point we discussed many times and if somebody thinks he learned everything he is a fool only. The moment we came on to the earth we start learning This will be stopped only when we have our lost breath.
    There will not be an end. The knowledge is like an ocean. The more you study, the more you will find to be studied. This is true and we should utilise our time correctly and see that our knowledge will improve. The level of our knowledge will be known when we are not able to find some answers to simple questions also.

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    'Katrathu kaiaiyalavu kallathathu ulagalvu'. This was told by Tamil poet Avvayyaar, which means our learnt is fist but world level we have to learn. So the learning is a continuous process.
    One day when I travel in city bus at Coimbatore, I alert my wife who was sitting in ladies side to get down in coming stop, by calling her name. But a senior lady who stand by side told me not to call by name in public place. I learnt this from her on that day.
    Another day in Trichy I saw a man dropped his bus tickets after journey in the dust bin in the bus stand by going there wantonly. I learnt this from and then onwards I put all the tickets in dust bin by keeping them in my pocket.

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    Learning is from 'womb to tomb'. Abhimanu (of Mahabharata) learned about Chakravyuha when he was i his mother's womb. (Before he could hear the final strategy to escape, the conversation was stopped and he could not learn that part).
    Rig Veda say 'Aa no bhadrah kratavo yantu vishwatah"- Let noble thoughts come from every side. So we are learning from everyone, from everywhere and every moment.
    The great Malayalam poet Ulloor said " Patitham mathiyaakkeedaam praana meni vidunna naal"- 'we can stop learning the moment the life escapes from the body.

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    Learning is a lifelong process and we should not feel shy in learning in advanced age. There is no bar for learning for anyone only thing is one should have a desire to learn. Nowadays older people are learning so many things especially about mobile devices from the children.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is said that a person is a student throughout his life as he keeps on learning new things. For a person even completed a doctorate may not know outside his subject and whenever such times come, he has to google or search for the details. No one in the world is complete and will always have a question mark on his head on certain things. The greatest scientists, painter, novelist, dancer, player, musician, singer, teacher, doctor, engineers, technicians, etc are also a learner as new inventions and technologies keeps on coming and they need to be updated with the changes. We might have seen engineers and doctors updating themselves as the technologies keep on changing every minute and they need to know them to keep with the updates. Even parents learn from their children and visa-versa, teachers have to update their notes so also the priests. The world is an open book with many blank pages which keeps on filling with new things that need to be learned and as the years pass, the blank pages increase so also the filling of it. So it is rightly titled, "Keep learning every day from everyone."
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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