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    Be comforting to others, do not drive them away

    The title of my thread is very clear. Sometimes due to our nature, behaviour, our ego, etc we are uncomforting to the people and due to this people drive away from us. Sometimes we cannot control our tongue and say something unpleasant. Sometimes we think ourselves superior to others. So, there are many reasons which make us uncomforting to others.
    Dear friends, respect all the people and in return, they will also give you respect. So, we should think about it. Are we comforting to others? If not, we should think about where the problem is and change accordingly.

    So, be comforting to others, do not drive them away otherwise no one will want to talk us. Members are requested to share their experience in this thread.

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    There is a very slender line difference between scratching for comfort and making rashes and pain. Sometimes we go too far thinking that we are comforting someone when it goes beyond the tolerable threshold for the other person. That person may then turn away and feel intimidated too.
    That is why it is advised to practice moderation in anything.

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    Comforting others is not an easy things as we see. There are many factors that are associated with comforting people, it can be their behaviour, their nature, their respect, their way of dealing a situation, their attitude, their way of approach, their talk, their approach, etc. When we think of comforting people but if they do not try to blend with us, it can be very difficult and we may drive them away.

    As you have mentioned that we need to respect all the people and in return, they will also give you respect. Respect is not given but it arises through their action, their talk, their behaviour, their openness, etc and when it balances, respect is automatically given. There are many who with their simple and humble way to earn respect irrespective of their education, status, money, caste, etc. It is just a reciprocation of what you give or how you treat others.

    As mentioned, if we ignore a person due to our fault like ego, attitude, status, superiority then we need to think about it as no one is superior to others. We all are on the same boat and we need to respect each individual. When we acknowledge them, we are making a good come-back and making a difference.

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    Whether we are able to help others or not, spare some time to hear their problems, understand their problems, and help them in whatever manner you can, but never drive them away by saying 'NO' or I cannot. If you have nothing to give and help, at least console them with your soothing words that would please them. If you happen to see a worried person, first put them into comfort with pleasing and encouraging words. Never ever drive them away. Even if a beggar knocks at your door, talk to them with a smiling face, and say No (if have nothing to give)politely.
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    A good lesson from the author. We should be good with others. Shouting, scolding and blaming is always bad. So avoid these. Be kind to others. Never think others are inferior to you. Life is the same to all. You may be great but the other may be also a great person in his own field. So thinking bad about others is no way correct. If you are not following these, slowly you will not find people who will be talking to you. They may come to you for a need and tolerate you.tille their work is done. Once it is over, they will never look at you. So, inculcate the habit of behaving in a good manner with others.
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