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    What measures should be adopted to develop skills in the students?

    There friends, as we know there is a big problem of unemployment in the country. The engineers are also not getting a job. The biggest problem of unemployment in India is lack of skill. The students have a degree but they do not have the different skills which a company wants in his employee.

    The different skills we should be developed in the students are communication skill, knowledge of technology, use of different technology, thinking skill, management skill, etc.

    Please share your opinion about the different skill which should be developed and how can we develop these skills in the students?

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    Students should develop employability skills.These include the relevant field ot subject skil, communication skill, application skill and team skill. Lateron they should also develop leadership skill.

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    The curriculum should be modified in such a way that a qualified man will learn some skills which are useful for getting employment. More workshop pieces of training are essential. Working on a laptop is not the only skill. They should be able to work on a machine with their own hands. They should have a practical approach. But the present courses are designed in such a way that bookish knowledge will be improved.
    Another point is to be included in the syllabus is on the job training is to be arranged for the students. For example, an ITI qualified person should be given as apprentice for 2 years in an industry and then only they will be given a job. In the same for Engineers also who have to nave this training methodology which will give them some skills and they will get jobs. We hear many times from the industry that they are not getting skilled people. We have to fill the gap.

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    Our education system is more towards the academics and less towards practicals. Today what we need is people having practical knowledge and skills and for that Govt would have to bring some strict compliance for executing it. Acquisition of skill based knowledge is something which might help the individual to tread confidently in the matter. Sometimes a certificate holder or diploma holder is having better skills than an engineer. Why we cannot inculcate those skills in the engineer also? Some revamping is definitely needed to bring parity in this direction.
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