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    Just imagine the situation if Smartphones were discovered before our generation........

    A smartphone is one of the beautiful devices that was discovered in the present generation that is ruling the world. We are getting so many benefits as well as some disadvantages out of it. The generation before us may see and it may appear for them to be a wonder. Suppose if the same device if it was discovered before the generation of us what will be the condition of our general atmosphere. If Smartphones were not in use now what would be the general atmosphere of the present world. Just you imagine both the situations and share your thoughts in a funny way.

    This is my 4th July thread of ISC 13th Birthday contest
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    If Smartphone were not discovered then there would have been more interpersonal relationship. There would have been less fake news. People would have come out and spent time in parks, beaches, playgrounds, temples and other places of worship more. Neck pain would have been less; eye strain would have been less. People would have taken food seeing and enjoying what is on their plate. People would have slept on time and got up on time. They would be reading newspapers, magazines and books. They would be sitting in front of TV for the 9 P.M news. They would be taking leave during IPL and other matches and watched on TV at home.
    However who ca n guarantee that in its place some other monster appliance device would not have been invented?

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    If smartphones are there before our generations also we might not have so many real games in the stadiums. We might have seen Cards, Covers and inland covers and we might not have been eagerly waiting for a card from our son in a hostel or an inland cover from our better half.

    If there are no cell phones in our generation also even today we may be receiving greeting card via post and we may be waiting to know whether our kids who left the house reached the destination or not safely

    We might have been sitting near the landline to get the booked call to talk to the parents who are staying in a village. We might have been writing a card every week to inform about our safety to our old parents and we will be waiting for the postman to come and hand over us a letter from our parents as well.

    We might not have heard about selfies and still, we will be purchasing cameras for having good photos. So like this our old practices might have been continuing even today.

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