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    If love grows on trees!

    Maybe it's hard to imagine, but you can give it a try. After all, if somebody spends money excessively without any reason others at times ask the person whether the money she/he is spending grows on trees. It's a popular term that money doesn't grow on trees and I am sure most of you can answer how you are going to spend money if it really grows on trees. Like that, just think what may happen if one day it is discovered that love can also be planted and grow on trees. There will be love everywhere and nobody will feel lonely and depressed. If you have some health issues, the doctor may recommend that you need some amount of love which is available in such and such trees. By the way, if love really grows on trees what would be the form you like? Would you like it in the form of flower or fruit? If it's a flower you will feel lovely by seeing it and inhaling its fragrance and if it's a fruit you will feel lovely for its taste. You see, you feel lovely when you love something.

    Now stop imagining such things because love actually grows on trees. Have you ever stood under a tree when the sun ray is really unbearable? How did you felt after that? You got some relief and thought of spending some more time under the tree. While going for a stroll have you ever stopped beside a tree after seeing its beautiful flowers? How did you felt during that time? Isn't it lovely? See love is already there on the trees, just you need to feel it. I hope you will agree with me.

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    Sir, please check your spelling then we would be able to respond.

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    I like love to grow in the form of fruit so that when we sow the seeds we can get much more such loving trees. So these trees can spread the love further. I appreciate the author for sharing the thread inciting the importance of plants in nature and the way they serve people.

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    If I go by your theory, Love grows under the shades of a tree during summer, and love grows under the open and bright sun during the winter. Anything that gives us pleasure is a loveable thing. A cool drink during the summer heat, and hot coffee or tea during the chilly winter give us the pleasure that we love and enjoy. Love is not grown on trees, but is spread around in the atmosphere.
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    Please correct the spelling of trees in the title.
    Love will not grow on the trees. As lovers will never climb the tree and sit there.
    Love started somewhere will grow under the trees and in the parks.
    We will be observing lovers many times in the parks sitting under tree separately and spend a lot of time there.
    So trees provide the lovers with a place to discuss and understand each other and help them have an enhanced love between them.

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    If love grows on trees, people will cut the tree and plan something else if the fruits do not fetch money. In case it fetched money, then people will cut down other plants and trees and plant the love trees. The middle men then will approach even when the flowers start and book the harvest in full as contract.
    Doctors and consultants will advise eating of those fruits to couples having adjustment problems.
    If there is good profit from Love fruits, China will export large quantity of the duplicate variety to al over the world at cheap prices. That will end the home cultivation of such trees. Then we have to bring back Aatmanirbharata in love cultivation too.

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    My thanks to Sanchita Ranjan and DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao for pointing out the gross spelling mistake in the title.
    Venkiteswaran Sir, if China starts exporting love fruits at a cheap rate then I think love will be easily available all over the country and throughout the world and everybody will feel lovely. Since we will initiate the cultivation we will be having the copyright and may earn some good profit by making others use it under strict guidelines. In that sense, I think we will be Aatmanirbharata too.


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    Love is everywhere in nature including trees. Only thing is we have to realise and feel it. If our mental stage is conducive to those feelings then we can definitely find it there. A nature lover knows these things well and that is why we have to conserve our natural habitat.
    Knowledge is power.

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