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    What do you do when life gives you lemons

    I am sure everyone has heard "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade". How many of you do the same? How many of you panic and do not know how to use those lemons given in your hands?

    The journey of life is a roller coaster one. There will be good times and bad times. Life will not run smoothly the way we have planned it to be. Lemons represent difficult times. All of a sudden without prior warning, life gives lemons in our hands. No one likes them. They are inedible because of soreness. Now it is our choice. Whether we can keep complaining about those sore lemons or make use of those lemons and prepare a sweet lemonade out of them.

    When we stop complaining and try to find a solution, we will come up with an escape route. When we act on it, we will be easily able to overcome difficult times. If we concentrate only on lemons, we may never be able to prepare lemonade out of them. Thus, we need to think positive and never give on hope. If it is alive, we will be able to overcome anything and everything in our life.

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    All that happens is for the best should be our attitude to avoid disappointment in life. Without complaining we have to make best use of whatever is available or given to us.
    This is best practiced in playing cards. After shuffling when cards are distributed, we may not get the right combination of cards to win. But still good players make the situation to their favour and in or at last reduce the adversity y taking right responses and remedies at right time.Life i s like a game of cards, it is in our hands how to play.
    This Corona situation has taught us that life can give us lemons and we have now learned how to handle and use those lemons.

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    We have to use the available resources to our favour. We can't say that we can't use these resources. We should utilise the available resources and manage the show. Nothing is useless in this universe. So let us not worry about the things which are not available and think of utilising them and getting benefitted.
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    Venkiteswaran Sir has given two examples of playing cards and Coronavirus. Both of them are apt to explain the post. Instead of complaining, we have to take the matter into our hands and turn adversity into our favour.

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    Whatever happens, is for good only. We may get a lemon or bitter gourd or a gooseberry. We can make good juice, a good curry and a pickle out of it. All the god created things are good for consumption. Similarly, the bad times also a blessing in disguise for the betterment. Nothing can be good without a bad.
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    When life gives lemons making the lemonade is the best choice and you must plan how to make lemonade. It doesn't require a lot of ingredients and you can easily make it by adding some water and sugar. When you are in a tough situation you already have the lemon which is the situation. Now analyze the situation. The analysis part can be thought of like water in which you have to dilute your problems. The sugar can be thought of the best remedial action according to the situation and you have to stir well the solution. You need to act after that, which can be thought of stirring the solution. If you do that your lemonade is ready to drink and the situation is under your control.

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    When we stop complaining in our lives and act on the concerned problem, then only we will understand how difficult the situation is and we will surely overcome it with our unique solution. One of them to avoid distraction is to plant trees at home which is a physical task as well as it makes our body more strong and will be more adaptable to it. Next thing we can do is clean our home premises and thereby we will reduce garbage in our home and thus it will be more productive for the biogas plant.
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    The vicissitudes in our lives are always there. Sometimes it is bad time and sometimes it is good time. When it is good we enjoy it and celebrate it but when it is bad we become sad and have apprehensions in our lives. Very few people can accept bad times and fight it with courage. It brings disappointment in many of us. The solution is also not simple. No one would come forward to us in bad times though they were always with us partying and enjoying while we were having a nice time. We have to learn from the adversities in our lives if we are really interested to mitigate them.
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    The hurdles in life is a way to make us love what we have. Everyone has ups and downs in life and everyone reacts differently. Some may fight, some may cry, some may laugh, some may fall, some may find alternative, some may just preach, etc but it takes real guts to stand firm and face the challenges in life. It is not as easy as we say as there may be a time when we may feel left-out, gutted or even broken into pieces and there's when it gets difficult to join or bounce back. One need strong support who will be there in any circumstances to support you, have complete faith in you, trust you and knows your capacity that will help you stand up again. When life gives us a lemon, we have two option, to make a lemonade or to cut it and use it in the finger bowl to wash greasy hand. In the same way, we may have many options in the live band it is our determination that helps us choose what we want to do.
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