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    Advise or advice - always confused between the two

    English is a very easy language. However, at times it can be quite confusing. Take for example the words advise and advice. Often while writing an official letter or while posting content in ISC, I come across them. But every time I have to think for a while before I am able to select the correct one. At times I get it entirely wrong. How hard I may try, I always confuse between the two. One is verb and the other is noun that I know, but which one is what - trying to understand that simply muddles the head.

    Friends, you too must have come across such confusing words. So do share your views about such English words that you find kind of puzzling.
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    I too had confusion about the words Advice and Advise. It took some time for me to get into the correct usage of Advice and Advise.
    Truly speaking, I really get confused with the words complement and compliment, Stationary and stationery. Despite repeated attempts, I am yet to come out of the doubts about complement /compliment, stationary/stationery.

    Complement(n) - It is relating to numbers. What is the total complement of soldiers here?
    Compliment (n)(v) - An expression of praise or admiration. Convey my compliments to your family and friends. The captain complimented his team for winning the game.

    Stationary (adj)- Not moving or changing. Immobile. - The ship is stationary with its anchor down.
    Stationery(n) - Materials needed for writing - He sells only stationery items.

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    There are many other similar words too. Practice and Practise are examples.
    Another example is Prophecy and Prophesy.

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    Affect and effect is also a pair of words, that makes you think for a while. Then these two words that we come across very often - it's and its are equally confusing. And when it comes to bare vs bear, you get all the more crazy. 'Bear' in itself has more than one meaning, so things become messier.
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    Our and hour, whole and hole. Eat and eat, read and read. These words change according to the sentences we frame. The first two words pronunciation are same and latter words have same spelling with different pronunciation.

    India is our country.
    It is the first hour class.

    Whole wheat foods are good for health.
    There is a hole in the corner.

    I will eat food. I ate food.
    I will read. I read the book.

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    Practice and Practise are not like Advice and Advise.
    Practice is British
    Practise is American

    I agree that Affect and Effect are confusing words.
    Effect is positive - This vaccine has good effect on Corona
    Affect is negative - Corona affects us badly.

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